Flipsky 75100 FOC 75V 100A Single ESC Based on VESC® for Electric Skateboard

yes it overheat very well lol! Flipsky 75100 Full telemetry on Escoot Xtron X30⚡5000W & 60V 🚀No Commentary 🤫 Overheating is real 😖 - YouTube

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great stuff to keep the hot coffee :rofl:

Anyone run it at a high voltage? Im planning to use a 72v battery.

Can voltage spike levels be foreseen based on motor kv? Spikes happen during regen I believe.

Im running 16s. Not the highest voltage but they are working well on 5.3.

now we have released 75100 With Aluminum PCB and Dual 75100 With Aluminum PCB version, welcome to try them.


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that poor xt90


what connector do you think to change instead of xt90?

One xt90 for 2 motors could be bit conservative. Atleast for higher current, I’d use two :slight_smile:

got it, thanks for your advice.

since i bought my esc, i couldn’t use abi encoder, any suggestions?


i run 180A peak with one xt90 no problem on a real ebike controller all day long with out any problem

Phase amps maybe. Otherwise you have a massive voltagedrop over your connector. I can gaurantee you that 180A cont. melts a xt90.

its peak not continious, 1-2 second its not enough melt a xt90

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yeah meassure that vdrop and come back to me :slight_smile:

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