FlexiBMS Lite - Flexible Configuration BMS w/ CAN-bus

And here’s a pic of the fixed unit:

Only thing i can think of is if you solder a header on the temp sencer pads there’s a resistor slightly in the way. (Not that it was designed to be a header there).

Optional upgrade for Heat sink for bleed resistors and mosfets but I’m not sure how usefull that is in reality.

I assume you mean the black current shunt resistor coming from the B- pad?

Hi is this project dead?

I’m looking for 16s BMS that would be supported by VESC, not much amps needed (about 30amp will be max what motor can take, so maybe 40amp bms would be planty)

Can any one advice?

Plan to get flipsky fsesc 75v 50a (120amp max) esc base on vesc6

flipsky . net/collections/electronic-products/products/flipsky-fsesc-7550-75v-50a-esc-base-on-vesc6

Btw this is 50amps battery or phase? :grin::grin:

Very likely. There haven’t been any updates for nearly two hours.


Not the BMS for you my friend, not yet anyways. Check this out though: DieBieMS fork: ENNOID-BMS for 6S to 24S battery packs


Lol sorry ppl :)) I pressed to the last page and it was like 2019 may :grin::grin: something didn’t go as expected ahah

Can any one advice on 16s bms for vesc 6 please :frowning: can’t find anything

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Thanks man that’s great to see alternative being actively developed (it is 60mm wide so won’t fit my build 50mm max width and 140mm length available)

May be in future they will make other dimension PCB :relaxed:

For esk8 it’s actually commonly recommended to use a BMS only for charging the battery, but not for discharge, so that there are no limits / scenarios in which the ESC could become disconnected from the battery, which would not only be unsafe while riding, but has potential to kill the ESC.

If a charge only BMS suits your needs, then luckily @SimosMCmuffin is working on exactly that! Hopefully just a few months away, as my 16s build is waiting for FlexiBMS as well…


That was the problem. It’s working correctly now. Thanks!

The fault state. So apparently this is the known bug you have documented in the release notes. Thanks for clarifying.

Also, before I connected the charger the status LED was blinking in blue with ~5 secs intervals between blinks. Does this indicate the sleep mode?

I’m also seeing some purple (pink?) blinks now. Green/purple alternates as I’m charging the battery. When I connected the charger, I had red/purple alternating.

Status LED color explanations · SimosMCmuffin/FlexiBMS_Lite_FW Wiki · GitHub maybe needs updating?

Stolen image mines inside a box inside a encloser to lazy to open it

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Not per say relevant feedback to design. But a simple yet somewhat comprehensive video for those of us less up to speed with this project (despite reading this thread a few times) would go a very long way. Just thought for food. Anywho keep on keepin on brother!


I images a idiot guide is on the way. This is only at v 0.5x not a full relice to public so it’s under testing in my eyes and only suitable for competent or people willing to put some extra effort in to understand it what’s needed and required.

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That’s racist bro

Im planning to go over a few of the basics in video format for @glyphiks when my new unit comes in, would be more than happy to share them here when completed


He’s already working on a full video guide. :slight_smile:

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packs up and makes whole family move because…NYC…

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So i´ve just had to went through the post to check how to enable Flexi readings in Metr.

Firstly i connected a charger to awake the Flexi to check if Can readings are there in Metr. Worked like a charme.

Then i enabled Wake on Can via Metr in the Flexi settings, also set Stay Active time to 1 (hour).

Would be nice to have a small tutorial to get that workin in Metr @rpasichnyk with Wake on Can


But is he as good looking and smooth talking as @Zach ?

I guess time will tell :thinking:

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The metr pro is powered by the VESC 5v rail. Wouldn’t that be like asking you to remote to turn the tv on when it’s switched off at the wall.

If you powered it by a 5v buck converter then you have a constant drain on you batery and I’m not a fan of that idea. This is all under the assumption the metr pro can works with out the VESC seen as BV butchered the can protcalls