First mountain/AT build. Planning phase. Feedback super appeciated!

Hello everyone! It’s been almost a year since I discovered this wonderful corner of the internet. What better way to celebrate than planning my second build! (First mountain/AT build) While I still have a lot to learn, I’m now more comfortable with parts and how they work together. (No Mboards this time around) With that being said, I wouldn’t mind reconsidering my entire build list based on feedback.

Let’s start with the basics:
Riding style: Prioritize cruising/range but I want to experiment with jumps and light offroad!
Range: ~40km+ I already have the battery situation locked down (12s 20k mah lipo)
Speed: Top speed is not my priority. Whatever is considered good but not crazy fast. Reliability over extreme performance. Focus on torque?
Budget: ~1500cad (~1200usd) for the remaining of the build (Stormcore 60d and 20k lipo bought already)
Location: Canada :canada: ( :snowflake: :rage: )
Terrain: City (outskirts), pavement, bike lane, potholes and grass
Weight and size: 200lbs 6’5. No concerns for the board portability
The plan: (* signify I already bought/own the thing)
*Vesc: Stormcore 60d+
*Battery: (2) 6s 20k mah turnigy
*Remote: Flipsky vx1
Platform: MBS Pro 97. Deck(DWII) that will require slight modification to allow full turning radius, trucks(Matrix II), tire(8" T1), bindings(F5) and hubs(RockStar II). I prefer the Haero Bro deck (visually) but availability, price and my location make things complicated. Also, the prebuilt nature is easier to manage I think
Drivetrain: M1-AT BN6384 Drivetrain Kit. (2) BN6384 170kv and 6.40 (?) gear ratio. Initially, I was looking at a belt drive system but at the end (with all the additional bits and pieces), the price is not too far from this kit. My only concern is with availability, the banner at the bottom of the website says shipment in early April? Maybe @Boardnamics can provide more info on that?
Lipo & vesc top mounted box: Pelican 1300
Spare parts and consideration
Remote: Seriously considering upgrading to an Hoyt puck for reliability
Tire: MBS 8" Roadie Tire. Realistically, I’ll be on pavement way more often than anything else. Therefore, slightly more range with these on roads correct (as opposed to T1’s in the same situation)?
Tubes: 2 extra MBS 8" tubes
Bearings: extra MBS set

This community has been an amazing reference for this project. Thank you to all the members who go above and beyond to help each others. On top of my head, shootout to Zac Petterson @ShutterShock, @NullBlox, @moddedlife and @b264 for their awesome builds and detailed breakdowns. Your feedback on my build would be SO valuable. (and reassuring because that’s a lot of money to go towards a “hobby” for me)

Lastly, I’m always on the lookout for used parts.

Thank you! :canada: :wave:

Edit 1: I decided to mount the vesc inside the pelican case with a heat sink.


Even if top speed isn’t your main goal, I would stay more around 1:5 gearing for 8“ tires at 12s 170kV.
It’s still plenty of torque and more headroom to go zoom if you want/ need it one day.


To add to the above, consider the fivestars from mbs over the rockstars. They both allow tire sizes from 6-8" but only the fivestars can do 9" if you are ever curious and want to try it out.

Solid list of parts all around! I own the Haero Bro deck and the mbs pro 97 and I actually prefer the pro 97 for every day cruising. The bro is nice for jumps and landings with the wide foot base but I don’t think it corners as well personally.


The highest gear ratio is 5.2 for the M1 AT.

Solid build otherwise!

If you are considering jumps, maybe you should consider getting the F5 heelstraps as well. Not that good for daily riding, but it helps a lot for offroading and jumps. And it’s easy to remove it or to fold it up over the binding when you don’t need it.


Overall the build looks good but this gear ratio doesn’t exist, you could go with the 5.20 ratio and have tons of torque or go with the middle one for more speed

Good research work

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The kit will be back the first week of April. Price won’t stay at $500 for much longer, that is a steal.


I have that drivetrain from BN with 5.20 gear ratio (as well as the the Stormcore 60D+) and the fastest I’ve been on it is 24mph and there was quite a bit of throttle left. It has a lot of torque and I love being able to both start from a dead stop and easily accelerate on steep hills. I like the sound of the gear drives and they are just loud enough to give people heads up when I get close, my old hub drive board was quiet so I ended up startling several people. The stormcore has been solid and the app is nice as well.

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Hey @sleepless and @Paul77. Thanks for the awesome build breakdowns. I’m constantly referring to both while I’m working on my own. I was wondering if you guys had any tips on extending the sensor wires? I’m thinking about using an internet cable.

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Thanks brother that means a lot to me. I used sensor wire cable, linked below. If you don’t need that much let .e know how much you need and I’ll send some your way.

BNTECHGO 28 Gauge Silicone Ribbon Cable Flexible 6P Black 25 ft Flat Cable 28 AWG Strand Wire


gimme cookie plates :pinched_fingers:

Oh, I didn’t know you could get sensor wires like that! Thanks for the offer but I’m sure I can find some on our :canada: Amaz…

On second thoughts, I might take you up on that offer lol

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Geez that’s expensive, PM me and let me know how much you need and your address. I’ll get some shipping quotes for ya.

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So it begins…

Gorgeous heat sink @Savage1, thanks again! Huge shootout to @Paul77 for the care package (and the sweets :chocolate_bar:)


Anytime brother, just glad I could help ya out! Keep us updated on the build.