First Impression of 3sk8esk8 remote + Colab Deck

This is the first impression post for 3sk8esk8 remote + Colab Deck

I’ve been really happy with my MBS build (Link here:

Recently the trusty nano v2 had failed. It was loosing calibration randomly mid ride which set me down the path of looking for a more reliable remote.

At the same time @topcloud who seems to know what all the expensive nice toys are pointed me to the Colab deck which is considered to be one of best analog mtb board deck out there.

And so… its time for an upgrade

3sk8ek8 remote

image image

This remote by @tomiboi is a feather based remote encased in a CNC bamboo case and could be purchased here:

Stealing the stock photos as the photos are of my actual remote :slight_smile:

At this point this is my favorite remote.

The Good:

  • The fit is perfect for my hands. Those with big hands might find it slightly small but for me its perfect AND it doesn’t look like a dong or a gun :smiley:
  • The thumb throttle is big and comfortable and I didn’t have any trouble using it even through light gloves so it should be good for winter riding as well.
  • The screen is bright enough. I haven’t had any issues with seeing it in the sunlight.
  • The fit and finish is high quality DIY. It doesn’t fill brittle but there are small quirks like the trigger button not being centered that gives the DIY nature of the remote away.
  • Folks seem to have reported having issues with cut out with the original feather remote. I have been using it as my daily commute in the city of Boston and have had no issues with it yet. (knock on wood)
  • Set up with unity was breeze
  • Untested by me personally but you seem to be able to pair with multiple boards so you can potentially have 1 remote that works with a couple board.

The Not so Good:

  • Expensive! For a remote this is definitely not cheap but assuming you can pair with multiple boards, the cost goes down for those who’s got a garage of boards.
  • Telemetrics does take up an UART port
  • I was encountering some PPM noise in the form of quick spikes during calibration. It has not had any impact during rides but it does make calibration trickier.

Do I recommend?:
It depends. This isn’t the top of my list a run of the mill build. I would consider this a luxury item.
If ESK8 was your biggest passion and hobby and you have enough cash flowing around I would def recommend picking on up.



Colab is consider one of the best decks for mountainboard. I have swapped from trampa to MBS not long ago and the decks really makes a huge difference. When I heard there were going to be a few that was going to be floated to the public I jumped on it and snagged one.

Not surprisingly this is now my favorite deck.

The Good

  • Very comfortable deck, its wide and almost flat where your foot goes with very little camber
  • Very steerable. The deck is concaved making this a very steerable deck potentially ridable without bindings
  • Flex. The flex is just right, no wobbles but enough to soak up vibration.
  • Its got a nose! I love the DWII but one of the thing that annoyed me was the lack of long nose which ment the deck will hit the motor mounts when you are going full tilt. Colab have no clearance issue with mounts and lights!

The not so Good

  • Expensive. Very expensive
  • Rare. hard to find
  • Not the prettiest looking deck. I might regrip it but to me its not the prettiest looking deck out there.

Comparing to others

  • Price - DWII > HolyPro > Colab
  • Comfort - Colab > DWII > HolyPro
  • Steerability - Colab > DWII > HolyPro
  • Aesthetics - HolyPro > Colab > DWII

Do I recommend?

For the best bang for the buck go with @MBS. They really have the best balance with price x performance. If you want the best out there and you like riding with bindings. Colab would be a strong choice. I have a Haero deck on order as well that I feel may be able to give colab the run for its money :slight_smile: Until then, Colab is king in my quiver.


Really nice build! The wood look with black and silver is a nice color palatte.

@tomiboi i’m curious as to what that stick thing is on the bottom of the remote.

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Looks like an antenna cable in a plastic tube


Great write up bud! Makes me even happier that I am getting that DW2 cut and skinned, it is not a pretty deck to electrify haha. I want to try a colab sooooo badly, it looks like a great ride. That price got me though. Can’t wait to see more updates.

Nice ride, I saw it posted by Cedric and badly wanted in on the kickstarter, did you get it from there?

Nice write up.
Could you elaborate more on the differences between the decks?
Eg Steerability, does this have to do with the concave, the stiffness of the deck etc

@Linny Yeah, it’s an external antenna. I’m not certain it’s necessary, but I like the dorky look :slightly_smiling_face:

I love that board. I’m a board builder first and foremost. So many advanced techniques are used. It’s more like building a nice snowboard than a skate-deck. I can see why it’s so pricey.

@ixf Thanks again for the nice review feedback. Very credible. I’m happy that you’re enjoying the remote :slightly_smiling_face:


This is a different deck.
Colab has been around for a while. They are just really rare and hard to find.
The deck Cedric is backing is called the Haero. I have one on pre order as well and would be doing a comparison between all the deck once it comes in.

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The steerablity comes from the width and the concave.
My whole foot is on the deck, nothing is hanging out

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Thanks. Would it be too much to also ask about the comfort? (price and looks are self explanatory)

Couple of things about comfort.
This is commuter daily board first
I ride with bindings but not heel strap. (important later)

  • Camber: Theres only a slight camber where your foot rest. This to me is one of my biggest grip against trampa decks. The camber creates pressure on the inside of the foot which isn’t really a comfortable position. @MBS actually does better in this department because they pretty much have no camber
  • Flex: Theres enough flex in the right spot to soak up vibration and to allow me to pump. Trampa has too much and MBS has too little for the commuter application
  • Width and concave: The width and the slight concave forms a “bowl” around my foot. It really holds my feet in place even without heel straps. The width also means that I can exert force with my whole foot so you don’t stress parts of your foot out. I am pretty sure if I used heel straps MBS will be more comfortable (it already is very comfy btw) but i need the convenience to step on and off because I am riding in the city and not on the mountain side

Again to stress, the improvements could be felt, but they are not mind blowing. Although I ride the Colab now I will still recommend MBS because of the significant price gap


Did you end up getting the Bro? Would be curious to hear how they compare!

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yes read about it here BIG FOOT🦶 HAERO
Comparision picture here Mountainboard deck options
TLDR version if you have the money get it. aside from price wise its probabyl the best deck to run with bindings out there