First Eboard - Wowgo 2s

I moved closer to my job so I sold my car and got the wowgo 2s base model. Samsung INR18650-20R. 36v, 4ah, 10s2p battery and dual hub motors.

Been riding this thing for 2 weeks and haven’t had any problems, it even rained 3-4 days. I have read the whole builder guide and enjoyed the education.

Nice to meet you all, anything further you guys care to share about the motors, BMS, ESC, battery assembly I’m all ears! Thanks -Tom


You could search on any of those topics and have plenty to read, or go check out the noob questions thread. Oh, and welcome!


Either lovely gentleman or troll account. I’m on the fence


I’m kinda interested in modifying this board, but unsure if you can mix other motors with the components on a pre-built board?


Nah I Goldman’s him to move over to here

He was on the other forum

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Also @tesla-tech tell us you’re plans on the introduce yourself thread


Thanks man. I posted in the intro thread as well.


Welcome! You joined at a good time, there is currently a Dallas ft worth group forming here.

@BigZwatt is from there and a good dude


Thanks, and its cool there is a group here. I just moved here from Cali and don’t know a single soul outside of work lol.


AFAIK some hubs don’t work within other brands esc due to motor detection. So if you need to replace them, get from the same company. You could buy a bigger battery from any of these companies, probably just make new holes for new enclosure and you’re done. And if the board doesn’t give you any trouble and you’re happy, don’t change a thing. Keep it like @Dareno did and start building a DIY board if that’s on your mind.


I still have a sneaky meepo.

Its a little bitch that hides in the corner waiting for all my diy to break down.


@Grozniy I’ve been binging the Mboards youtube channel today, and I agree with you. No need to modify this one right now, maybe just get the battery upgrade later. Those Torqueboard 6374 motors look and sound amazing, love the way those belt systems look.

@Dareno hahaha thats a good contingency plan though, I’ve heard the meepos are pretty fast too.


Oh no…Don’t mention Mboards. ignore that he exists.


Mines a v2 so its really not

haha…Whats the deal with Mboards?

@Dareno what’s the top speed on your V2?

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I would link you the thread about it, but you can’t view it yet. Many scummy things are the deal with mboards.


Think its about 38kmh or so? Never speed gunned it.

I have got the new esc in it now and its slightly quicker and much smoother. I did have a focbox powered one for a bit that went well over 40kmh but wouldn’t recommend running the settings that made that possible.

Ah…I’m pretty sure my wowgo is rated at 38kmh also, not sure if it ever actually reaches that speed though.

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Should be. I get top speed and weigh 210 pounds.

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They are a sine wave based esc so you can take the sensors off and it will give you a bit more top end. Not much but a little bit and there is no definitive stutter on start up.


Your Meepo or my wowgo? The wowgo uses the hobbywing but I’m not sure which model.

Did you just unplug the sensor from the motors?

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