First DIY project

Hey ! finally signed up after spending the last few weeks reading stuff and letting grow the idea of DIY esk8.

Quick presentation: I’m a 28years phd student who has never been a crafty person. If I don’t blow myself up with this project it will already be a success. It’s been a while since I wanted to invest myself in a diy project. I love my longboard and my commute bores me.

So here’s the plan : esk8 ready for June 2020, 200euros saved every month starting October which leaves me with a budget ~1600e. Not sure if I’m going to need that amount for the specs I want

What I’m looking for : 9km commute, I can charge the board at work, not sure for now if I’m going for a battery that can stand the 18km easily.

Top speed : 45-50km/h more than enough, I can lower it with necessary, don’t really care.

Ride comfort is my priority, I want to feel like goku on his fucking cloud.

From the little reading I did I’m guessing I’m looking for 10s2p, 12s2p, 10s3p battery, something in that range. Still need to gather information. No way I’m building this shit I would like to live.

Big PU wheel so belt driven, a flex deck for now which brings me to the battery at the front(?)

First things : inform myself about Im guessing the following subject

-basic electronic and safety

-electronic engineering

-physics and mechanical forces

-skate building

-esk8 market

I’m kind of retarded so I give myself a few months, don’t know how much specific I need to look into or if I’m missing key point, feel free to tell me or any advice !


Ps : sorry for the shit English, im french :smiley:


I’m already on your team!

If ride comfort is a priority, I’d look at 125 - 200 mm (5-8") pneumatic wheels. @haggyboard.timo is currently doing a sale on his wheels I believe and they’re great. If not, @bigben has some for sale. He also makes the best enclosures out there. The bergmeister wheels are very comfortable and on the smaller end of the pneumatic scale so helps with range.

@pjotr47 is a reputable battery builder in EU.

Belt drive has many more options for mounts but I’m personally loving the @moon all terrain gear drive. I don’t have to worry about rocks, sticks, leaves, etc getting in my belts and snapping them. I recommend checking out his thread here.

Find a deck and enclosure that match first! That’s the most common mistake I see and am guilty of.

Keep researching and this summer your board will be super saiyan.


This is exactly how I felt when building my board. Fortunately you have people here that will answer your questions :grinning:

If you want to ride like you are on clouds go with pneumatics :metal:


I would suggest going up to at least a 4p batter if you are doing LION.

How is the quality of your streets?

I’m loving my pneumatics (I have 6 shooters)

If you go with pneumys then you don’t have to go with a super flexible deck, they will eat up a lot of the vibrations on their own!

But like @Venom121212 said, belts would be easier and a bit cheaper to start out with.

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If you are not big into doing stuff yourself buy the Haggy Set. Otherwise you are constantly tinkering.

@Venom121212 Thnx for the tag!

@Lemonpie If you want a battery or have extra questions feel free to send me a message.

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No sir, thank you for making good looking and safe battery packs for our community :+1:

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Lol first diy Should usually be an Evo, so many enclosure options. Tons of room to fit whatever you want and it’s proven to work with almost any setup

Ur in no hurry and u got a great budget so id say get a @hummieee deck and a matching @BigBen enclosure. that combo looks and feels relly good when u ride. the deck is a bit stiff go with Bergmeisters wheels. @haggyboard.timo have a drive kitt

thats around 800-850 USD deck-combo and drive system
now u need battery and ESC. Vesc 6 or Focbox unity buy from a member dont buy from enertion. and a battery ask @pjotr47

and ur good.


wow thanks for the quick answers/advice !!
Still processing information, the picking part will come later I think but thanks you already for the new ideas !!

Just for more reference, the photo I posted earlier is the hummie deck with a bigben enclosure and is in fact, a phenomenal platform to build ride.

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Great way to introduce yourself. I will be following your progress for sure.


5 month to get a deck, yeah i’m that fast


Is that the first thing you’ve ordered for the build??

The switchblade is a great deck to build on btw!

I like you, and great part choices!

With that deck, you will have quite a bit of space for battery. Ideally a single stack so it’s not so thick, you can go for a 10s4p if you want to be on the conservative side, 12s would be a lot more fun but you will need an ESC that can take it.

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yeah i like to take my time before what we will be a considerable investment for my broke ass :slight_smile:

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I like you too, fro what i read some ESCs are goin to be released, so i’m waiting !

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Totally understand!! It took me 2.5 years to finalize my first ever build…and I’m in the process of changing it up again!


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Hey! New in the forum, was reading along this thread, how did the build come out @Lemonpie? I’m pretty much in the same situation as you, although I’d like to have some more range (a friend of mine has a board with a large battery mounted on top, so no issues with clearance).

Hope you’re enjoying your esk8!