First but not the last

Hi guys!

I work on a reliable, well thought out and as cost effective as possible board.

The parts from which I build:

  • Deck - 80cm 9 layer maple
  • Trucks - This is going to be a big question. I am working on a solution of my own but in many cases the online version would be simpler (pictures later)
  • Drive Train - HTD5M 15 teeth + 535mm timing belt + 3d printed big pulley about 70teeth
  • Motors - 2x 6384 BDUAV 120kv 4.6kw / piece
  • Motors cooling - 3d printed fans
  • Motor mount - Laser cut plate
  • Wheels - 200x50mm pneumatics (later with off-road tire)
  • Battery - 13S1P A123 AMP20 + custom 3d printed holder
  • BMS - Aliexpress 13s BMS but later I want to build my own DieBieMS
  • ESC - CheapFOCer (copper plate reinforced conductor, JST connectors and water cooling)
  • ESC cooling - I am planning my own water cooling circuit (pc water cooling components and bimetal temperature switch pump on 40C fan on 70C)
  • Remote - I want to ask for help (lingyitech). Could this work with vesc?


Comments are welcome!


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You’ve set yourself some big goals here, so respect for that. You won’t be able to use that LingYi remote, though.

Oh, and welcome!

This looks nice :slight_smile:

When choosing parts, the order matters.

Take a look at this

I don’t see an enclosure listed, and it, along with a deck and helmet, ideally should be the very first 3 things that are sorted out.

Good luck on your build :+1:

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Like Bill said, that YingLi remote won’t work, but these can be found for cheap and are really good as long as you are gentle with the on/off switch:

But notice that remote is number 9 on that list above.

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