First build. Looking for freedback :)


  • Range: ~15km (10miles) Maybe more if I can
  • Speed: ~30-40kmh (20mph) Good and safe cruising speed for the city
  • Type: Looking for individual parts. I really like the foosted board dyi build
  • Style: Smooth? I have a flexy board so I don’t think I have much choice
  • Budget: ~600USD ~750CAD I like the idea of starting with 1 motor and adding another one later
  • Location: Canada
  • Terrain: City, pavement and potholes
  • Weight and size: I’m 190lbs. Don’t care about the board portability
  • Tools: 3D Printer

Parts I put together:

  • FREE Deck: Loaded dervish sama (I already own this board)
  • 70cad Wheel: Orangatang Caguama 85mm
  • 25cad Bearings : Bones reds
  • 5cad Riser pad: 1/4 (Just in case my board flex too much)
  • 50usd Trucks: mboards extended
  • 55usd ESC: FSESC 4.12 flipsky? (Second one later)
  • 50usd Remote: flipsky VX1
  • 110usd Motors: Mboards 6374 180KV (Second one later)
  • 210usd Battery: Ownboard 2p10s 6.0? (Can I charge with my HOBBYMATE D6 charger?)
  • 45usd Mounts: Mboards Premium Motor Mount
  • 40usd Pulley/Belt: Mboards 36T Pulley 8mm
  • 25usd ESC Case: Onwboard with LCD display

~850 cad

Additional info and questions:

  • I have no idea what I’m doing. Suggestions are welcome
  • I’m not looking for absolute top of the line equipment
  • I don’t mind getting my hands dirty, fix and troubleshoot things
  • I would like to have popular parts that have a lot of ressources online
  • Is flipsky a good brand? Apparently shipping takes a long time from their website?
  • Mboards reputable? I saw a lot of bad feedback
  • Is it true I need to avoid at any cost?
  • Better choice to pick FSESC 6.6 instead of 4.12? I’m not sure what’s the difference tbh
  • Caliber 2 for trucks ~30$ more
  • Difference between 4.0 and 6.0ah?

Stores I’m planning on using:

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They are known as flipshit around these parts.
Mboards is also considered a total shit show

Best to source your parts here if you are looking to go cheap.


Aw man. That is unfortunate to hear. Thank you for the input and I’ll definitely reconsider my choices.

I’m still fairly new and I’m not sure how things work around here. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

Flipsky battle hardened motors are pretty good. Especially cool you can get them on amazon and are protected by amazon return policies. Electronics from Flipsky are hit or miss.


Sure, I don’t see an enclosure or helmet on your list

Try that :slight_smile:

Flipsky makes okay motors and remotes but I would definitely not get ESCs from them.

For slightly more, you can get a Flipsky 6384 on amazon, which is a much better motor, especially for single drive.

For the Caguamas, check out the Boardnamics pulleys.

If you can find some Caliber baseplates, the boardnamics hangers are super dope

Also do some searching on “MBoards” I see them appearing a lot on your list but they sell mostly marked up and overpriced cheap china stuff.

This is a very, very good strategy, stick with Caliber hanger profiles (like Boardnamics for example) and HTD5M synchronous timing belts (also called “5M”)

For ESCs, absolutely not. For motors and some remotes, yeah.

Not so much

They have great 110mm wheels and their TORQUE6 ESCs are pretty good. Some things there I would stay away from, but not the whole company. I wouldn’t get a drivetrain there.

Ah is range, but it also doesn’t tell the whole range story. In some circumstances a “4Ah” battery could get a higher range than a “6Ah” battery.

The battery is the THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of the build and needs to be the most expensive part and the most scrutinized. A battery can do everything from burn your house down to providing years of enjoyment. Literally nothing happens without the battery, it needs to be a good one. Cheap out on other stuff if needed.


Hello canadian friend. Just go with flipsky, it’s not great but every budget board uses the same quality so you’ll be fine. You won’t be able to afford a unity or xenith. I have a 3d printer too! I’m printing my enclosures! And mounts for lights


depends, esc? unless u r into gambling, or else no. motor? yea, it used to be shit, now with the BH version are decent enough. remote? vx1 is the shit in the cheap catagory, vx2 is meh, vx3 still too new, but its trigger style if that’s ur thing.

no, the owner is a scammer

no, that’s torqueboards, which u might wanna buy from. the one to avoid is

depends on how much amps u will be pulling, they work fine up to 30a, but in general, go for v6 hardware

1.5 times capacity difference on paper, but config could be completely different. its hard to tell which will get better result without knowing what cell / cycle / s and p count…etc


Only go with flipsky motors and/or remote.

The escs are not lasting and in the long run buying a decent speed controller will actually save money.


You’re probably right and everyone on this forum will agree with you but if @Mickapouel is really tight then just go with fs esc. Lots of people have used fs esc and been okay. Though many have not :man_shrugging:

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When people ask me how they can build their own diy eboard. I always tell them to get a job first :rofl:

Eskate makes the wallet sad


Preach. You might be able to find a great deal used on here


The amount of feedback I received so far is absolutely insane. I was about to head to bed and hope for a reply or two to greet me in the morning.

Thank you so much everyone. I can’t wait to read everything in depth tomorrow!


This might be the most overlooked advice — buy used stuff on the parts market. Just don’t be dumb about it. Make sure everything you buy is compatible and good stuff.


I would not consider flipsky ESC’s complete shit. They have improved over the years. The 4.20 now comes with a big TVS diode and as long as you don’t push them to hard they are fine for ~40A.

Single Drive with only 1* 40A has similar power to a production board so nothing special. If you want to have a little bit more acceleration I would go with something like this MakerX Mini-FOC MINI-FOC PLUS small ESC 3-12s based on VESC6

If you find a good Deal on a used part that’s great too.

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Get that enclosure sorted out early my dude!

Far too many people fall into the same trap of having a deck they love, wanting to electrify it, and then realizing there are no enclosures that fit the deck or buying one that looks right but isn’t.

My first build and planned enclosure:

My first build and the correct enclosure that I should have bought originally:

The enclosure makers are true artisans here and I highly recommend starting with a deck and enclosure combo that you know works.

Welcome to the family!


I really hate this, it’s annoying and not completely true. Wouldn’t trust the ESCs but the other products are good now.

I would buy MakerX before flipsky for sure. They aren’t too expensive


you should just reach out to @bkb and see if he will sell you the kit for the Duo minus the deck and wheels…

take a lot of the guess work out. get a better battery. get a dual motor set up…

not sure how BKB did it, but his combo of parts is way cheaper than getting the parts separately


But where is the fun in that?

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If you want cheap and actually decent replace with a CheapFOCer 2.0 V0.9 or V1.0
IIRC someone in canada is making these for resale, and they’re quite capable.

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Thank you so much for the guidance! You have been extremely helpful. I updated my part list and I would love to get your feedback :slight_smile:

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