First build. Looking for freedback :)

Hello! I would love to take a look at you enclosures! Are you doing any kind of post processing to make the material stronger or weatherproof?

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Thank you everyone for the feedback! I updated my part list. Hopefully it makes more sense now :slight_smile:

Thank you so much man. I really appreciate the feedback you provided. I updated my list and I would love to have your feedback once again :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion. My latest part list is using the ESC you recommended!

Thank you for the info! While I’m a bit concerned with the flex of my board, I think I should be ok with a 3d printed enclosure. Luckily, some people are using the same setup I’m planning. Most of the guess work is done!

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Thank you for the feedback! I updated the ESC in my part like for a MakerX :slight_smile:

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Stark Industries esk8 - Iron Man build (planning) - #73 by moddedlife it’ll be strong enough at 100% infill. I’ve 3d printed tire hubs before. Silicone caulking around it. Weatherproof is the material. Abs or petg. DONT use pla

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I saw this project before!!! I’m astonished by what other members of this community are able to achieve. Your stuff is truly inspiring man. Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

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Idk about inspiring, I haven’t built it yet but thank you :blush:

My advice is to to get the helmet, deck, and make your enclosure BEFORE you order the battery or ESCs or basically anything else :smiley:

I know it sounds weird but if you do that, your build will be better.

Also, if you don’t know what cells are in a battery, don’t buy it. Period. “Samsung” etc. is not a cell, not any more than “Ford” is a car make and model.

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This man speaks the truth, listen to this golden advice. I did almost the exact same stuff. I thought I was going to make my own enclosures after I had all the stuff. Then I did this :arrow_up:

We have spent lots of money collectively to find these things out; if you listen then you don’t have to pay for these same mistakes :smiley:

Get your enclosure made BEFORE you buy everything else, except the deck and helmet.


If you can’t find an enclosure that matches your deck, you can always consider the fiberglass/resin route.
It’s a nice skill to learn, doesn’t require much tools, doesn’t cost too much money in materials if you do fail, and the best thing is that you can make an enclosure for any deck you want. It might get a bit messy tho and may take time to do.
Your first ones will probably not be the most pretty in the world, but you can always try and remake one later if needed.


I agree with you

However I don’t think an enclosure exists for a 16s10p on a haero lol

I support the 3d printed one as long as it’s done right it can last quite a while. I’ve done several at this point. They don’t hold quite as much weight though

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