firmware too old focboxes

Hi, i acquired some focboxes today. I’ve plugged them into the latest VESC tool and got the message ‘the connected vesc has too old firmware’. The fw on them reads 3.30 and hw 410. I’ve been researching and I may have to flash them but i don’t want mess them up. Help would be much appreciated.

Haven’t messed with vescs since bldc which is what my old set up was running till now!

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Yeah so the newest firmware version is but personally I use firmware 3.62 because it is proven to be reliable and I haven’t had any issues with it. We have a repository somewhere with all the different versions in it

You are right to be concerned about messing it up, but as long as you select the firmware that corresponds with the 410 412 hardware you should be okay.

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oh ok, yeah i’ve just updated one of them to the latest fw and seems to be ok, will do the other one now. Thanks!

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Have a look here: Precompiled VESC Tool Archive

FW3.30 is compatible with vesc tool 0.83

download that and you will be able to connect to the vesc without issues, you can then upgrade to a newer fw version and use a newer vesc tool as well

fw 3.62 has been good for me as well on the focboxes, running fw5.1 on my dv6


Also, don’t power only one vesc on with a can cable attached.