Firesafe board storage container

My board caught on fire today. It came out of nowhere. I just pulled the board as a trolley for a bit and when I laid it down, it started hissing and burning. Something inside the battery pack must have shorted out. I assume some mechanical damage caused by carrying the board in the vertical position.

Anyway, I’m glad it didn’t happen in my apartment. It easily could have since I always carry my board home in the same way.

I feel like I have severely underestimated the safety measures wrt storing the board at home. I have two kids and don’t want to put them at risk because of a hobby. At the same time, I can’t quite imagine quitting eskating, so I’m looking for ways to carry on but be as safe as possible at the same time.

I looked at lifepo4 batteries but the energy density is really poor compared to li-ion.

I’m thinking of getting a container that I could safely store and charge my board in at home. I looked at what’s available and I found various LiPo storage boxes, some of which did pretty well in tests. However, I haven’t been able to find one with a shape suitable for storing the whole board. Has anyone looked into this? Cheers.

Here’s a vid of my poor EVO in flames:


Damn man that really blows, you doing okay?


Have you got a build thread? Be interesting to see some photos and perhaps pick something up. condolences

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Yeah, I’m good. It just really freaked me out. So glad it happened outdoors and on a place where nothing else could easily catch on fire.


Now this freaking me out cause I have been building my own battery

Def gonna use a fire proof box

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So sorry to hear/see that. How do the components look inside? Do you think there is a way to find out where the short was caused?

I know the Bat-Safe Lipo storage boxes. But even the XL one is only 38cm long inside.


It’s a pretty old build. I haven’t built the battery, though I have done some maintenance on it. Anyway, I made hundreds of km on the battery since I last messed up with it.

This is the only pic of it that I have. It’s after I have replaced a bad P- group.


That’s terrible, I’m so sorry man.


that is horrifying.
was your board on?
you were not actually riding, it, just carrying it?

That’s a nightmare :flushed: sorry bro!
At least it happened outside, damn man…

Unfortunately not. The electronics turned to ashes. I might have saved my elofty. The Unity Metr looks like it might have survived (unlike the Unity itself). :slight_smile: I haven’t tried to power it on yet though. Will report back when I do. You guys could then advertise it as fireproof. :smile:


after I build my first battery my paranoia went through the roof.
so I moved my boards from their convenient location in the guest room to a room in the basement inside a metal cabinet.
it is not actually rated to be fire proof, but it is all metal and fully enclosed.

in there I have a wifi connected fire alarm, and two fire extinguisher balls.

i think that if a fire starts in there nothing is going to stop it. I just want to be able to get the kids and wife out of the house…

as an added precaution I charge my boards in a separate location, in a sub garage I have that is all concrete walls. I also have a fire alarm in there and a camera so I can see what is going on.

I actually got two fifty gallon metal drums to put the boards in, but have not implemented that yet.


This is crazy man. Good thing you are ok. So sorry to hear about your board :pray: Hopefully the community comes up With a good idea :grimacing:

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Solution. :point_up_2:

@janpom that really fucking sucks about your board man. Definitely giving my DIY batteries the side eye now. Hope you can bounce back and get riding in no time :slightly_smiling_face:


source : (It is a metal storage box for garden stuffs, sorry for it being in french)

Tought of it many times for when I’ll have an house and my plan is to add a fire alarm and some big bags of sand on the lid of the box. The sand would fall on the starting fire.

Really sorry for your loss, dude :frowning:


Perhaps a full size locker? Maybe outside? Something to keep the weather out but be a good place for it to be if the cells vent. Probably not the best idea in a cold/hot area or where it rains a ton.

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Oh no man I’m so sorry for your loss. I wonder if putting a layer of sand in the metal box would help quench any reactions on a bottom mount.

Doesn’t sound ideal to put your board in sand to charge though :thinking:

Oops @Slak was already on the same page

the sand trap idea is pretty clever dude.


Any idea why the P-group went bad in the first place? In my experience that must mean there was another issue that was causing the P group to go bad.

Unless the cells where previously used, that kind of stuff shouldn’t be happening.

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Did you trolley it with the drivetrain on the ground and full charged battery?

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