Evolve Gen 1 Revive (parts help)


Finally was able to put in the final component of the build! Arcboards was kind enough to sell me their 5095 motors and it’s perfect for my build.

only adjustment left i can think of is upgrading the bushings for more stability. (any cheap suggestions)

Hi i bought this Evolve Gen 1 snub nose for cheap and planning to do a DIY revive.
Only thing that is not working is the remote. Any suggestions for a ESC and remote combo for this one? i’m thinking of buying from flipsky for parts.

Also for future steps, i’m planning to reverse mount the motor so i can have a dropthrough setup. What can you suggest for motor mount and also single power motor that can handle Abec 107’s (Something of the likes of Arc BBM or equivalent).

Thank you very much for the feedback!


Flipsky isn’t a bad option, and they sell remotes and motors, too, so stacking shipping is financially beneficial here.

With regards to motors, you can’t go past the 6374 option. ~3.2-3.5kw motor, so it’s plenty of grunt to overcome hills, etc. In an ideal world, you’d run two motors to distribute the load and minimise the effects of torque steer, but plenty of people are absolutely happy with single motor setups.

As for mounts, there are a few options for the Evolve Gen 1 Hangers.

@Janux-esk8 has some nice options that are both front- and rear-facing compatible. If these are to your liking, just PM him and he might be able to sell you mounts individually.

And if you’re after a 7075 aluminium mount, I have these.

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Welcome! Matched your trust level with Builder’s Forum.

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thank you for this!

so flipsky will be compatible with the current motors of the evolve gen1?
What esc from flipsky should i get and is it compatible with VX1 Remote?

thank you for the feedback

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If you’re not planning on moving toward outrunner motors, the Evolve Gen 1 motor is still compatible, though I believe you may need a different JST housing for the sensor wires.

You may need a 6pin JST housing, but I don’t know if the Gen 1 had a temperature sensor, so you may need to skip that pin.

Regarding the VX1 remote, you simply need to select what vesc version you decide to purchase.

All the VESC-based ESCs are compatible with the VX1, and will run a BLDC motor (brushless 3-phase AC) or a brushed DC motor like the Evolve Gen1 or the old Gen1 Metroboard motors.

If it’s not VESC-based, then no guarantees. Probably yes on the remote and no on the brushed motor.

thanks for the feedback. so just single VESC is compatible with VX1.

this one.

yes i was planning on using the current gen 1 motor then upgrading to outrunner motor in the future. so i want to get just single VESC VX1 combo than can run the current gen 1 motor and if possible a 5095 motor.

is that possible?

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That one is compatible with both. I’m not saying it is or isn’t the best choice for you, but it’s compatible. Seems the link is an HTTP404 error though

Do you mean a 5065 motor? The same motors that Evolve uses on their production boards, right?

They’re small and lack power worthy of a DIY board, but it does mean that you can get away with Evolve stock.motor mounts.

The single VESC and remote is all you need, as well as an antispark switch (e-switch or loop key) to power it on and off.

what will be a best choice single vesc to power a single motor that can run ABEC 107’s?

i’m thinking of using this one https://flipsky.net/collections/e-skateboard/products/f5085-140kv-brushless-motor-for-direct-drive-propeller

or the is it much better if i use the one you suggested which is 6374? https://flipsky.net/collections/e-skateboard/products/flipsky-electric-skateboard-motor-r-6374-190kv-3250w

That’s a tough question to answer. It can’t be answered without knowing what you want.

Do you want to optimize your design for:

  • cheap
  • good
  • upgradable
  • reliable
  • light & portable
  • high range
  • comfortable
  • good-looking
  • finished quickly

:question: :grey_question:

You’re getting about twice the power of the 5085 by using the 6374, but it has different mounting holes to the 5085, so you’ll need a mount capable of supporting 63mm motors such as the ones in my first response above.

With the kV rating difference, the 6374 will also go faster given an identical voltage is applied to both motors.

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Much in the line of what @b264 is asking, maybe figure out what your needs are and then ask for advice tailored to your desired requirements.

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Basically i just want a city carver that can run abec 107 wheels but not necessarily go fast. up until 35kph is fine. with the range of around 16km. range is more important than speed.

for the batteries i would like to use the current gen 1 as for the enclosure.

so in general just upgrading the gen 1 to run current motors and have decent range but not too fast :slight_smile:

thank you very much guys for your feedback. really appreciated

Running a DC motor in lieu of a BLDC motor is going to use 2 FETs instead of 6 FETs and I think it will heat up quicker, which means it will not be able to run as much current. I think. I’ve never tried it.

You want to look for an ESC that has the six FETs connected by a common heatsink. Maybe like the Mini FSESC4.20

But I have not used the VESC design with a DC motor.