Evo Commuter | First Build | 12s4p | 2x 6374 150kv | Opinions Welcome

Starting out my first DIY build and first Esk8 because normal commuting to university sucks.
After spending about half a month lurking these forums I started ordering some parts but have yet to decide on the electronics other than the battery.

The plan is to build a board for commuting between home and campus, which is around 15km and also between different institutions at campus (always fun when the lecture halls are 1km away from each other). As it’s a first build I’m cheaping out on some parts and will later on swap them out for higher price/quality over time.

As for the parts:
Deck: Landyachtz Evo Falcon 40 BioBoards edition picked up from @mackann 1500 SEK

Trucks, wheels, motor mount and pulleys: @dickyho Airless AT Kit with 15/60 Pulley ~200$ with shipping and taxes

Motor: 2x @dickyho 6374 150kv ~120$ with shipping and taxes

Battery: 12s4p 30Q batteries bought from Fogstar with the sweet discount from @BenF 136.80£ with shipping still on their way and I’m planning on using NESE modules for installation but have yet to order them

BMS: This has yet to be decided, but I am planning on testing out the 60A Smart BMS for charge/discharge and using the apps lock function as on/off switch if it is viable, otherwise I will just get a loop key, input is very welcome!:

Enclosure: LY Evo Skate and Explore enclosure by @BigBen 62£ currently being made

ESC: I am waiting for black friday before I order this but it is currently between MakerX’s Dual Drive V4, Dual FSESC4.20 or Dual FSESC6.6, this is all dependent on what pricing they end up at. I would really like input on this.

Remote: Potentially Flipsky’s VX1 or MakerX’s remote, this is partially depending on who I will be getting the VESC from.

Overall the build is aimed towards being able to comfortably go up to 20km in one charge and then be charged during lectures before the home trip. Due to laws regarding electrical bycicles (If the police asks, this is just a very odd bycicle) the max speed is 20km/h and the goal is to be able to keep this speed on most roads including up/downhill.

Some questions and problems I currently have is,
Will 2x30 battery amp be enough to climb most normal hills without trouble?
Otherwise I might as well get a charge only BMS and use the 2x40A that the 30Q can do.

Currently, I have slight wheelbite on the Evo 40 with 8mm risers. I am planning on swapping the bushings but might also get larger risers.

The BMS is still a big question mark, but if anyone has experience with the lock feature in the app and can tell me the upside/downsides of it, that would help me choose. From reading on ES the lock feature simply locks the output current which would make it a great on off switch as it would still be chargeable and 1 less hole in the enclosure without the power button/loop key.

For the VESC how bad is it to run a 4.x VESC in FOC at around 30A or will BLDC just be superior with one?


Nice setup so far!

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I will not reccomend the FLIPSKY Dual ESCS I would however reccommend 2 Single Flipskys or even 2 of the single Makerx ESCS for redundancy reasons IMO the MakerX dual drive is good but not for high power its more suited towards Dual Hub or smaller commuters, the thing is just soo small that it cant handle higher power builds

Get a charge only BMS and pull the 80a. Quite smaller and more compact too.

BLDC would be on your electronics but depends on the esc. My focbox would do that fine at 12s but I blew my typical 4.12s at the same settings.

Unless the price drops on the single MakerX Mini-FOC Plus during black friday, it will be outside of the budget. So in that case it would be the Flipsky 4.12/4.2 single x2 unless the 6.6 has a great deal as well.

The Dual MakerX is rated for 40A/motor and up to 60V, so it could possibly handle the current, I’m following the thread for it and there’s still a month left to see how badly it can be treated.
But if it’s shown that it’s not up to match, the 4.12/4.20 Flipsky singles will most likely be the choice, depending on price.


The 60A smart BMS is the same size, (width and length) as the 20A, Compared to the Bestech D140, the D140 is 30cm shorter but the same width which means that with the planned placement, it won’t matter other than weight.
But this also depends on if I need the 80A or if it is fine to run with 60A.

Probably safest then if I run BLDC if I get 4.12/4.20 VESCS!

One clarification: you mention 20kph as the official speed limit, but what speed are you planning to ride other times? Also, do you have hills that you need to climb regularly?

I mean I use the thing in my main build and its great dont get me wrong but mine seems to thermal throttle within 1-2 minutes of running it at its top end, due to my agressive riding style and the pretty hilly nature of where I live. Im yet to fine tune the esc to the point where I dont end up thermal throttling but I will be sure to update you when I get to it. Currently just riding it as is.

Mostly around 30-35km/h as I don’t have that much experience with boards this will the max for a while and also until I can afford better safety gear.

There are some hills along the route, though I am not entirely sure about the angles.

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I’m probably going to riding quite friendly for a while so might not strain the ESC as much, but that also depends on the hills. Where are you located? I am located in Sweden so the temperature average temperature isn’t that high which should help with thermal throttling.
Looking forwad to updates!

I’m located in Australia so I think you should be sweet if you are in Sweden tbh especially if you’re not riding too crazy. I also have the first produced makerx Dual esc which is hand soldered which may lead to more heat produced due to worse joints for all I know :man_shrugging: But the thing is really well built and honestly so bloody cheap

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There might be a larger risk of condensation killing the electronics here instead, depending on season.

I’ve also looked at the Esk8Supply VESC, but as there are no tests and might not have some when I’m planning to order the VESC, it might not be an option.

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your almost copying me but saving yourself over a grand!!! :slight_smile:
by far the best deck i have ever stood on and you got it from the best company in Europe for esk8 parts!!!

Personally i would go for maytech motors, they feel a lot lot nicer all round than any other motor i have tried or ridden

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I have the luxury of living in the same city so I could just go and pick it up directly from the warehouse!
If I had the budget, it would most likely be almost the same parts, Bergmeisters are one of the things I’m planning on grabbing later down the road.


Do it!!
They will make your board sexy as hell!!! And i have to say no issues at all with them so far. :stuck_out_tongue:
If they could be cheaper would be the only thing but as they say…
If you want to date a supermodel dont take her to McDonalds…(actually i made that up but its true)

Probably won’t be until after summer next year though. The life of a student with only part-time work. At which point the wheels aren’t the only part I will be upgrading.
And who knows, maybe the supermodel is tired of luxury food and just wants some junk food.

The batteries arrived, 50 pcs of 30Q from Fogstar:

Now for them to sit and wait for another 2 months before I get the BMS and NESE modules…

I have also assembled the drive train and put it on the deck, after having to look for 1 1/2" screws as the ones that came with the kit were 1 1/4". Though might have to get a new set as I will need a thicker riser to avoid wheelbite.

The assembled drive train:

Drive train on the deck:

And as a bonus, a picture of a couple that won’t be let out for a while:


Hey man, just saw this, do you still need an esc? If so, check out https://www.esk8supply.shop/product-page/esdualcontroller. It is perfectly fine for 12s 60A continueous, also remote included for £160 :call_me_hand:

I’ve been looking at it! But I am waiting until the reviews come in (which they’ll hopefully do before end of November) and make a decision then, for the price it’s a great deal.

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Cool man, some people have received them already. You should start seeing reviews soon :+1: