Evan's hazardous workshop

Parts List

Deck: Kaly XL “Medium” Flex (im pretty sure ernesto sent me a soft flex deck lmao) $360
Enclosures: Eboosted Kaly DS $200
Battery: 12s8p TM3 $400
Trucks: Trampa Precision Infinity $300
Wheels: Kenda 8" on MBS Rockstars $90
Geardrives: BN 4.6:1 AT Drives $300
Motor: BN 6384 170kv $220
ESC: Stormcore 60D+ $300
Remote: Hoyt Puck $90
Heatsink: CheapSKATE Raw $40
Accessory: Davega $120
Misc: $80
Total price: $2500

Dawn Notes

this board is awesome.

17 miles of riding and here’s how my battery looks.

Tm3 cells arrive at 4.1v, so I charged the pack to 4.2 per cell and this is what It’s looking like. Board is geared to 34, but wobbles at 30 with hard barrels and wobbles at 22 with soft barrels. Just gotta go 25 and carve out dem wobbles!

Grip tape and insert situation is temporary. Switching to barrel nuts and likely regular grip tape.

Kids See Boosted v3 (winter project)
Parts list

Deck: KSB Senderized Vanguard $150
Enclosures: Eboosted 12s vanguard $150
Battery: 12s4p 30Q $225
Trucks: Caliber 2 (front) BN184 (back) $80
Wheels: Evolve 97mm 74a Free
Pullies: 15t motor, N/A Wheel $50
Motors: Old Flipsky 6354 190kv $80
Motor mounts: BN ($50)
ESC: Stormcore 60D+ $350 (I hope)
Remote: Hoyt Puck RC $30
Total price: $1175

REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE(verse kingpin mountainboard, also a winter project)
Parts list

Deck: 16ply trampa holypro $150
Enclosures: random ass top box + @poastoast catbox $30
Battery: 16s4p Lishen 21700SA? $250
Trucks: BN270 with adj baseplates + 1/2 inch riser $250
Wheels: 8" on TB hubs $20 (used)
Pullies: 15t motor, 62t wheel $50
Motors: 200kv sk3 6354 (lol) Free
Motor mounts: BN Idler mounts $60
ESC: Spintend UBox $350
Remote: Hoyt Puck RC $30
Total price: $1200

Sold/scrapped boards
Void, budget "race" board: (Parted out)
The Void Pictures

The Void Battery Build

The Void Parts/BOM

Deck: LY Evo spectrum 40" ($135)
Enclosures: Eboosted SS ($150)
Battery: 12s4p p42a (~$325) huge thanks to @jack.luis
Trucks: BN220 with adjustable baseplates ($180)
Wheels: TB110 (44T) ($40) Purchased used and abused
Motor mounts: Boardnamics XL mounts ($80)
Motor: 2x Maytech 6374 140kv (18T) ($220)
ESC: Stormcore 60D+ ($300)
Remote: Hoyt Puck (Midnight + Nubbed) ($90)
Accessories: Davega X 1.3 ($100)
$1600 D:

The Void Notes

beats a kaly off the line :stuck_out_tongue:

Kids See Boosted v2: (Rebuilt with new enclosures, battery, esc, wheels, basically a new board)
KSB Pictures



Deck: Loaded Vanguard (Flex 2) ($150)
Enclosures: Eboosted 12s Vanguard ($130)
Battery: 12s4p 30Q ($200)
Front Truck: Caliber ($10)
Rear Truck: BN184 ($40)
Wheels: Evolve 97mm (free.99, thanks @bboybowzer)
Pulleys: something for $50
Motor mounts: OG BN mounts ($25)
Motor: FS 6355 190kv x2 (15T) ($40)
ESC: Trampa HD60T ($25, yes I actually got an HD60T for $25…)
Remote: Hoyt Puck ($90)
Total price: $750

KSB Notes

its a good board lol


This is awesome!! I def should make a thread like this


I urge everyone to do that so the feed is less cluttered.

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UPDATE! The battery is almost done. Here are some pics of the final layout. The first person to make fun of my soldering gets cat shit mailed to them free of charge. Here are some pics

I’m also buying 220mm caliber hangers. I need 2 sets (4 hangers). Don’t have to be in pretty shape but do have to be structurally sound. Also need long axles on them because cloud wheels + pulley.



UPDATE! Battery is actually almost done this time lol. Just need to install the BMS and we’re gucci.

(I’ll fix the formatting)



Nice battery @MrDrunkenMobster , do you always wear bitch mittens? Those are a good pair.

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AHAHAHAHA yes my hands used to be burnt in at least 3 places

Also, if we’re going to derail my thread here’s a funny video

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Are you insinuating you will feed me to that Yorkshire sow?



I raised hogs growing up.


Macy says she wants tasty @cfelzien

I love pigs ngl would totally have one as a pet

Showed them from 7yrs old till I was 21.

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KSB v2:

Recieved my BN184. fits both pulleys+motors and the wide cloudwheens.

Also mounted my DAVEGA X


Battery is done!

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Kids see boosted v2 is almost conplete! Just needs some finishing touches.


The Void and KSB updated!

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Updated parts lists for both boards as I recieved a stormcore for my evo.

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