[EUR] Selling some random stuff - Needs to go



Unused with bluethooth adapter
Price (220euros inc shipping)

Balance pro (Vesc clone) SOLD


Comes with a bluetooth adapter
Price (60euros inc shipping)

Dual M1 Helical Drive + 270mm Hangers Kit + Adjustable basplates + Maytech 6374 190KV Motors SOLD


The back truck is modified so that the motors can be used reverse mounted (But you probably would be better off getting a new rear truck). The cans are pretty scrached and has some deep grooves but the motors probably haven’t even seen 100km and work fine.
Price (250.00euros EX shipping)

Funwheel Rails + Stompies - Footpad sensors
Price (100euros inc shipping)

Floatwheel DIY kit Aluminum rail + Footpad V2 + Onewheel pint guards SOLD


Will ship V3 rails for free whenever I recive those.
Price (120euros inc shipping)
+Float Hub motor 1200w
Price (200euros inc shipping)

Prices are negotiable

Willing to ship to the US? Interested in the floatwheel kit!

Was just going to ask this

I bet shipping will be outrageous but I want that kit too

so desperate for that floatwheel kit
man is to poor

someone buy my stuff to fund me pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase

Third in line bro lol

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im europe i go first :wink:

Only if he says no US shipping

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You just said you don’t have the funds :rofl:


That’s a good deal if anyone needs a reliable ESC for a single drive build.


Exactly lmao

Also, I haven’t looked enough into it yet, Floatwheel is the size of the XR and funwheel is the size of the Pint, right?


I’ve only looked into the floatwheel. I believe the floatwheel is pint-sized. After some quick research, funwheel looks to be XR sized.

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dont worry
prob not gonna buy eitherway cause im to poor

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Hmmm so maybe the funwheel is XR sized.

Really? I just tried to look and couldn’t tell haha

I think I want to build a funwheel then, not a pint, so I suppose I would be interested in the rails

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Does funwheel have an official site?

Yeah fungineers but for obvious reasons it doesn’t reference the official Onewheel in any way

@JoeyZ5 for your 18s onewheel, you used these funwheel rails right? Also, were you going to use the Funwheel motor? According to their site its only rated for 12s

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It looks like I could get the funwheel rails shipped directly to me for 120 bucks US

Seems like the price in OP’s post is a bit high imo.

Yea, but I’m not one to talk. I’m notorious for high-priced posts! :rofl:

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Lol yeah but for US buyers, 100 euro with conversion rate + shipping is over buying it new

I’m interested in the whole floatwheel kit, that’s all I care about. The funwheel rails are all yours!

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This is very true.