[EU] WTB LLT smart bms/ Help with a Bms

Hi, i decided to go for an llt bms, i need a 12s one, i will use it only for charging. Can anyone link the genuine correct one to get? On Aliexpress would be best i think.
I will buy one if anyone has one in the eu;)
I guess i get the 20a one if i only use charge?

i think…if i missed any vendor, im sorry


Yeah i know they have em, but more expensive, do you know if these ones are the proper ones? 12S Li ion Battery Smart BMS with 20A 30A 40A 60A constant discharge current for 50.4V lithium e bike bluetooth PCB|lifepo4 bms|bms 36vbms for lifepo4 - AliExpress
Or should i order from their site rather
10S 11S 12S 13S 14S 15S 36V 48V 58.8V 60V smart BMS with Bluetooth function UART communication 20A to 60A constant current – LLT POWER ELECTRONIC

If u don’t mind the wait time, just get one from the official website.

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I mainly sell battery stuff through https://18650.club now :smiley:


Can we link all the smart BMS help/infoguide/app setup threads here too?


I bought 20 BMS’s from this store or more xD
You can actually even see a review with a trampa brickpack of me xD
Shipping is usually 2 weeks so it’s actually okayish

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BMS Thread - Smart BMS / Which do you use?

wow that is annoying there is no main Smart BMS thread, just a ton of small topics with questions.

I can’t even find the app setup guide.