EU Need Pulley and Timingbelt

Looking for 15-17 tooth pulley with key Lock and 410mm timingbelt.

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Start here:

@EboardSolutions is my go-to dude for this sort of gear.


I have some 15t 8mm keyway pulleys. See my selling thread. I could also cut you some 3x3mm keys if you want.

Can buy the x thing and I and J, 2 set of pulleys. What is the shipping cost.

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It’s around 230 grams, so the shipping would be 4.00€ untracked 7.70€ tracked.

Untracked is ok, what would be the total cost?

I got mine from @dickyho from china to US in 10 days :+1:

Total should be 16 pulleys +16 pulleys + 4 x-things + 4 untracked = 40eur. I will DM you.