[WTS][EU] Selling literally everything

I was riding the other day and some strange, but oddly familiar old man shouted at me “Do a kick flip”. I realized that’s it’s impossible to achieve that on electric board and it haunted me for days, so I don’t think there is point of me to continue in this hobby.



All wheel pulleys are for ABEC core.

A. Torqueboards 40T 15mm aluminium 2pcs, used very shortly, selling pair together, 45€ for 2pcs
B. sold
C. 36T 15mm aluminium 1pcs, used, 18€
D. 40T 11mm used 2pcs and 40T 14mm 2pcs 3D printed from PETG, 12 bolts, 4€ for everything
E. 36T 13mm unused plastic injection molded 1pcs, pressfit, 2€
G. 16T 16mm steel 1pcs, unused, 8mm axle, 8€
H. 15T 16mm steel 1pcs, unused, 8mm axle keyway, 8€
I. 15T 16mm steel 2pcs, unused, 8mm axle keyway, 16€ for booth
J. 15T 16mm steel 2pcs, used, 8mm axle keyway, 16€ for booth


Sold steel X-Thoings

X-things, steel, old school, unused, 8€ for pair (I have 3 extra pairs) SOLD

X-things, aluminium, old school, unused, 4€ for pair (I have 1 pair)



A. 3mm, soft, some injection molded rubber - 2,50€
B. 3mm, soft, 3D printed from TPU, holes are bit off some drilling might be required - FREE SOLD
C. 3mm, soft, 3D printed from TPU, holes are bit off some drilling might be required - FREE SOLD
D. 6mm, hard, 3D printed from ABS, have holes for motor wires - 1,50€
E. 8mm, hard, injection molded - 4,50€ SOLD
F. 12mm, hard, injection molded - 5,50€ SOLD
G. 3mm, hard, 3D printed from transparent PETG (not displayed on photo) - FREE SOLD



11x270 4pcs - 2,50€ per 1pcs
15x275 1pcs - 2,50€ per 1pcs
9x280 8pcs - 2,00€ per 1pcs
12x295 2pcs - 2,50€ per 1pcs
15x295 1pcs - 2,50€ per 1pcs
11x300 2pcs - 3,00€ per 1pcs
15x300 3pcs - 3,00€ per 1pcs
12x340 1pcs - 3,00€ per 1pcs

Sold belts

15x405 2pcs - 4,00€ per 1pcs
15x340 2pcs used, but good condition - 2,00€ per 1pcs
15x435 2pcs - 4,00€ per 1pcs



Trucks with one motor mount and pulley. Motor holes are 30mm in diameter, so it’s probably for smaller motor like Flipsky 5065, however some 6374 motors will fit as well that have 30mm holes (like the one I’m selling bellow) since the mount is grinned a bit. Price 28€.



6374 motor from BKB, used, kinda noisy, it’s working, but maintenance wouldn’t hurt, 30mm and 45mm mounting holes, currently with no connector on phase wires - 30€

Deck and enclosures

Sold Jet Potato 33

Moar images

Jet Potato 33 deck and eskating.eu ABS enclosure
Deck is used, there is dirt on griptape and double sided foam tape residue from the bottom, and there are wood inserts, but otherwise the condition is good. Bumpers in front and back are included (bumpers were there since the board was new, so no busted surprise is hiding under).
Enclosure is 38x165x420mm and I had there 10S4P pack, but it’s tight fit. Loop key is included. I will also include M4 screws with it. On the deck it’s not sitting perfectly - there are gaps in front corners where the wheel cutouts are, so adding some extra rubber sealing there might not be bad.

Price for deck 70€, for enclosure 30€, or together 80€. SOLD

Sold enclosure

Moar images

Another eskating.eu ABS enclosure
This one is 38x165x530mm. There are holes for buttons and charger port. Also for battery meter that is not displayed, I hope to take pictures of it later. I will include the battery meter display with the enclosure if you want.
Enlosure started cracking around the motor wire holes, but I repaired it with epoxy and it didn’t crack since then.

Price is 20€. SOLD

Handle to carry the board
Needs to be screwed to the deck. If kids are making fun of you for mall grabbing, this handle will show them how cool you can be.

Price is 2€.


Cost of shipping withing EU varies from 4.00€ untracked 7.70€ tracked for things withing 500g, 12.00€ untracked 15.70€ tracked for things withing 2000g, or 30€ tracked within 5000g. Slovenská pošta - Price list
I can ship outside of EU, but it most likely won’t be worth it.

Payment method

I accept payments by European bank transfer (SEPA), Paypal (booth friends&family and goods&services), various crypto might be cool as well.


Sure that this is old school?

I have the same set (or at least I think it is) and mine is new school.

Though not sure if that xthing exists in new and old school.



Yeah it’s old school, they make this type in booth old school and new school. I have all my decks in new school, so I couldn’t use these.

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Ah cool, didn’t know!

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You can’t say it’s imposible to kickflip an esk8, I’m confident someone someday will do it !


If I prove you wrong, will you give me anything in the list for free?


Now I want to see that with Lacroix :smiley: But ok, you can have some risers :smiley:


I want everything!!! :rofl:


Kickflip on the Hoyt booger:


I take all the x things, and the 405 belts

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Hihi, could you do €90 for the potato, enclosure, 8mm risers, 12mm risers, and shipping to Ireland? We can be a pain to ship to though so let me know

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Shipping should be around 27€. I think I could do it for 100€.

BTW checkout my build thread of this board

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Thanks yeah I assumed we’d be pricy. That build thread is helpful, do you happen to have pics of the inside of the enclosure when you had 10S4P in it? And how do you find the concaves and contour on it? I was gonna get a loaded omakase when they’re hopefully back in Sickboards in a week or so because I really liked the feel of their stuff

This is the only photo that I found of the insides. I’m surprised that I forgot to take pictures of it.

The concave side-to-side feels good with stiff deck like this. But I had a bit of a problem with positioning my front foot, deck is short, so putting it a bit forward or backward makes the feel of the deck off, so I would recommend to use either foot stop or those freeboard half-bindings. Despite deck is supposed to have some “rocker”, it’s hard to feel front-to-back position of feet just from standing on it. That mini-kicktail is super useful for turns and for picking the board up.

Will you take Ethereum to ship that enclosure to Canada? It’s down right now so assuming it goes back up you’d be getting in the dip.

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gambler’s mindset lmao


i’ll get my dip from the grocery store, thanks


Yeah, I’m fine with ethereum. Will DM you.

My sides :smiley:

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not really, 2.0 is launching right away and ETH has a track record of outpreforming bitcoin. even basic MA will tell you it’s a good idea to get it now.

Sounds like a pyramid scheme. Get back to me when they finally switch to POS and transaction fees are actually affordable for general use.

Meh. I’m surprised bitcoin is still around considering it doesn’t get updates. Its main following is a cult, just like Doge.