esk8Life 12s BMS How to Wire?

Hello, I just recieved a 12S BMS from esk8life.
Im pretty keen on wiring these things, as I have made a few smaller packs
for lights and such.

This BMS has 13 wires.
To me it looks like I can just disregard the 13th wire. ( IE: the BC13 port. )

I want to make sure this is correct with you all before wiring this up.
I plan to wire this to a 2x 6S Lipo’s. Then I don’t have to use my Massive Balance charger anymore.

Link to BMS:

Any help is appreciated.

The BC0 lead (black) goes to the pack negative.


As @mmaner stated BC0 goes to the main negative. Then each next one goes to the following positive. The red goes to the main positive.
Lemme pull up the print but only focus on the balance lead wiring

Disregard all the numbers, you do this one by ‘feel’

The black goes to the pack negative and the red goes to pack positive, the remaining 11 wires go on the series connections between the 12 cells in the order they show up on the connector


But isn’t that bms for Li-ion batteries not for lipos?

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They have similar enough characteristics that they can often be used for both. Same max and min voltages, etc.


that might be the issue already.
Didnt even think of that. At least Im asking before creating a Fire. XD


Same difference, there isn’t a significant chance in the way they are charged, just the nominal and storage voltage but a bypass BMS has nothing to do with that anyways

Especially on higher capacity systems the c rating is lowered so any specifics of charge current are drowned out by the power supplied, as long as you don’t surpass that 4.2V hard cap and it gets balanced every few cycles its all good

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Main thing is how to wire it when it has 13 wires.

0 is Neg I get that its also black.
Red is Positive or what I assume to be 12 or the end of the pack but RED is 13th wire.

The balance wires have 11 WHITE.
So with RED and BLACK I have 13.

I assume to go from BLACK to 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 etc and make the last be the RED one.

Im staring to think I should be going from RED then leaving the last BLACK wire on the LIPO open for the
BMS connection to a C-.

This will be charge only.

Then you’re fine, just follow the standard order for putting everything together

  • main B- lead
  • balance leads (negative then count up to positive)
  • C- lead
  • celebrate

0 is pack negative.
Pack negative is on pgroup 1.
0 is also the negative on pgroup 1.
1 is the positive on pgroup 1.
2 is the positive on pgroup 2, all the way to 12 is the positive on pgroup 12, which is also pack positive.

0-12 is 13.

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Since you have almost full control of the charging parameters with the smart BMS, I’m tempted to think you can use these BMS’s with any similar type of battery, as ling as you set up the min/max voltages and other settings correctly for that battery type. someone prove me wrong is this is incorrect



the vast majority of BMSs I see that aren’t “smart” will function for both. LiFePo is the odd one out, not so much LiPo.


LiPo’s are Li-Ion. :grin:
Just another of dozens of variations in construction and chemistry in the Li-Ion family.


I feel like it’s more about branding and packaging than anything, like you can get lipo chem 18650 and plate li-ion packs

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“LiPo” is just a marketing term now, not a technical designation.


Truth. Really the only difference is one’s a flat stack of jelly in a pouch and the other is a jelly roll in a steel can.


Really it just boils down to whether you like your batteries as a really juicy taco or a meaty burrito