ESK8CON Vegas race and evolve

Delete if it doesnt fit the vibe. But met @jack.luis at ESK8CON and he did a fantastic job setting up my MetroboardX22. Jackson is getting his 15 minutes of fame since he rode an amazing race against Colorado Cadi. Both are amazing class riders, but Evolve is pissing me off!

I feel they’re IG post selling their Hadean in the race was uncalled for and an unsportsmanlike hashtags towards diy builder. They talked about how the Hadeans power won against a more expensive and powerful diy. Just not cool. For one, the track wss slick as shit and so no one can really truly let loose on their power. Hell even the stooge boards couldn’t whip it out since the track was like ICE!


Too bad evolve did not place to be able to race in the pro race. :relaxed:


Me, waiting for big boy race



Yeah evolve was also commenting under a post asking Jackson if he was okay essentially rubbing it in that a haedon won. Super shitty.


This is what the time cards looked like

I’m pretty sure the split is the total 6 laps but not 100% sure


I’m just here to say fuck evolve, fuck their boards, fuck what they stand for and fuck their mindless fans.


Meh. If a company has to post like that, to promote their stuff, that’s their vibe. It’ll come around, as things tend to do when people who test things transparently enter the scene.

As for the race, when Jackson fell I started to run over to see if he was alright, and as soon as I got near they both jumped back on their boards and rode off like lunatics. Which is fine, as I was about to be the fat idiot in a hoodie scarf on the track blocking everyone’s way. And since no one else seemed to give a shit and everyone is nutso, I fucked right off back to my camera tent.





I agree, they’re condescending tone is poor sportsmanship and frankly feels a lot like they’re discrediting Cadi’s skill. (which no offense, @jack.luis is def outclassing you)

The thing is, we can expect evolve to be this shitty, they always have been… exway video…

IMO their ability to say this highlights how badly the racing was structured and how much it can be improved for the next time. Track conditions are one thing, and it was made pretty clear by those involved they were rough, but the podium pictures make no sense.

This picture is seriously comical, worse than a hadean and diy. These boards should be competing together in the top level class??? Makes the stooge boards looks pretty lame when someone outside of the event would see this picture of “pro class” and two monstrosities with a tiny board from a dead company standing on the podium with them…


Yeah I don’t know why they did it out here, there was actually a nice podium setup inside that was a proper podium and had the Esk8con backdrop on it

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Yaaa… not gonna lie, the boosted guys were shredding well. However, one had a boosted that was a 4wd set up and had two remotes. One control the front truck and the other controlled the rear. That was super impressive. And he got first in the novice but for some reason was allowed to compete in pro. Granted he was a good rider but it didnt seem fair on a lot of levels to compete in both novice and pro class.


this takes a lot of skill to do while maintaining control of the board, sure the board might not be pro level, but damn, 2 remote control is some crazy shit to pull off



I think the level were based on rider skill?


No, it was totally unfair He placed in novice. You should have raced in novice. It put an extra person on the track to clog things up on an already overcrowded track. It wasn’t fair to everybody else that placed what they raced especially when they impede racers that actually placed in that class

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No, it was based on qualifying times


probably, but idk how they rank which rider goes which level, but i would assume if there are SRB / lacroix / flux / trampa and DIY boards racing, boosted probably won’t make the cut for pro level racing?

you would think, but the podiumed rider is a pro downhiller


I’ve asked 3 times now and got no answer… Why the f was the track so slick? Was it really all the lube?