ESK8CON Vegas race and evolve

i lack the knowledge to judge who should be placed in which rank, so imma shut up now :zipper_mouth_face:

Sand/dust blowing onto it from the vegas desert is what I’m mainly hearing.

But keep in mind, not to uncommon for go-kart tracks like that to be purposefully unprepped surfaces. Sliding around prevent the karts, likely driven by kids who have never driven anything else in their lives, from hurting themselves crashing at high speeds.


It looked wet out there and not much fun to race from an outside perspective. That’d be frustrating as hell to basically have a try not to fall race.


It was slick at the start bc it was a smooth gocart track, the gasoline carts probably didn’t help.

The added corn syrup on race day was very grippy. As the day went on, a small windbust threatened to blow away all the vendor tents and blew sand back on to the track. The temps also increased.


The corn syrup was only good for about an hour, then sand started getting back on the track or syrup was coming up off of the track onto my tires making them even slicker. By the time the pro race took off the track was in the absolute worst condition that it had been in since we started racing


I don’t know why sand plus heat plus syrup should make it slick, but it was noticeably slicker later on.


Honestly, outside of Evolves poor post, this event was an amazing experience. Finally met a bunch of esk8ers from around the country and we chilled and rode. The stoke and the vibes were amazing and i hope everyone can join next time


So Mike fucking beard finally did a good job on something??


He did

He’s a really nice guy in person. The event ran smoothly, a bunch of free stuff was given away in raffles, the food was really cheap albeit limited in variety, and it stayed mostly on schedule.

The racing issues were mostly from stooge’s side in terms of coordination and their race tracking software

It couldn’t really have gone much better in the venue we were at and with the amount of people that attended


Good Job @mikebeard


I think qualifying times is the purest way to break out classes for a short track like this race.

Longer courses where stooge boards and overpowered diy 4wd boards need extra classes by board type, bc no amount of skill will make an evolve or any commercial board under $5k competitive.


The classes were determined by qualifying pace, exactly as they should be! There was nothing wrong with the format! There were some technology hiccups along the way when it came to the organization of it, but the procedure was correct.
The stooge had NO traction. Worst grip out there among every board. The boosted had the most tbh… so all things considered… the best riders were in pro class. Exactly how it should have been.


I think so.

Does anyone else think that the weird chanting stuff the fluxmotion crew was doing was… weird?

I was cringe every time they did it :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Do other ppl do this stuff at other events? Like, have chants?


Please elaborate?

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Bro… that track for the pro class was literally the sketchiest thing I’ve ever ridden on in my life.


This seems on brand for evolve. They’re kinda trashy in their promotion.

Great to hear that it was a fun event. I’d love to go if they plan on doing it again in future years.

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Lol fluxmvmnt has this weird call and respond chant thing, it didn’t make sense


Or not? That’s not how Motorsport works.

Sure higher skilled drivers are probably driving faster race cars. But you don’t see Mazda Miata’s and lemans prototypes directly competing…

Racing classes are based on equipment capability’s. Starting position are based on the driver/rider capabilities.

(This would also allow single riders to compete in multiple classes…)


I’m curious, how did it go?

I don’t actually know, some hoo-hah thing, it was hard to tell what they were saying

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