bans, censorship, privacy infringement

Let’s collect people’s experience with unacceptable treatment at, including unjustified bans, censorship, and privacy infringement. There are strong indicators that all of this has happened. Let’s see how many people got affected. Please keep the posts factual, informative, and uncluttered. Please try to refrain from ranting and being offensive. If possible, include evidence.

Please keep any discussion outside of the thread.

The idea is that this thread will be easy to read through for anyone who wants to get quickly acquainted with the situation at and decide whether that’s acceptable for them or they want to move over here.

Linking posts from @SeanHacker and @DerelictRobot to get this started.


Restricted to LVL2, All website links removed. Because I refused to pay the “vendor fee” $1500/month.

Someone got :eggplant: butthurt about heatsink trucks. :rofl:



I can confirm the fact that he entered pms. Basically every moderator can do that on the other forum as soon as the moderator was tagged in the pm. I would expact the modorator to ignor the further content of the pm after the situation is resolved for which the mod was tagged. As jason joined the pms multiple time, just according to his mood it means for me he was following the content.

So in my case I can´t say he just brake into the pm as we tagged him (we didn´t know about the thing that after that he can just enter the pm). So in fact it was our fault to let him in, but well…on the other hand there is the question why he didn´t leave after.


I’ll be serious then.
My status was demoted to level 2 to deliberately keep me from making waves within the lounge area.
My read time was adjusted and screenshotted to show a lack of topics read although I am on there everyday and view all new stuff avidly. It made no sense and when I pointed this out in a pm it mysteriously showed all stats ok and the level 3 was restored.


You werent the only that had that done to them. There were multiple members who were downgraded right before batdick made that poll. Which tells me he knew that his poll was tipped in our favor from the start, so he weighted the scales in his favor.



my reason to question the esk8 builders forums was my Raptor 2.1 Feedback thread. Bara just closed it for beeing „off topic“ and it clearly wasn‘t.

there is no way to speak freely on an enertion administrated forum. so in my opinion what is happening now should have happened a long time ago.


A reduction in rank, farking outrageous. Bother to do that? god that’s pathetic Also those 47 days of read time on the toilet should be correctly kept on your record…forever

Seriously though enough, Sean is a esk8 news musketeer


someone got dick butthurt? That sounds painful I hope that is no chafing

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@torqueboards you’re level 3 again. Anyone else have a similar situation? I can restore it for you so lmk


emm me :lying_face: what do I win? :smirk:

Actually can edit post titles so presume L3

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@anorak234 :+1: ty sir

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I wasn’t able to a little bit ago. Then our power at work went down when the internet came back so did the ability to edit. Maybe they are connected


I think it’s been changed back to regular already. Let me know for sure tho

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It has thanks

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Epic thread revive :joy:


Jason is fucking with my login right now over on the old enertion site. We’ll wait until he’s done drunk raging to see what is left once the dust settles.


I thought he left the forum?..