eMTB & Street Carver Room (Pics & Specs)

You guys know the drill. I made it more inclusive for our bindings-free brethren.

This is a safe space for channel trucks.

Post the dirt!

My two current daily riders


  • LaCroix Prototipo deck
  • TRAMPA Ultimate Channel trucks
  • 8" knobbies on Superstars
  • E-TOXX 5:1 straight geardrive (previously Kaly 4:1)
  • 2x 170kv 6380 Torqueboard motors
  • 2x FSESC6.6
  • 10S6P Samsung 30q pack

Kaly build:

  • Kaly XL Deck - Hard stiffness
  • Kaly Channel Trucks
  • 8" street Pneumatics on Superstars
  • Kaly Helical 4:1 Geardrive
  • 2x Kaly 190kv 6374s
  • Unity FOCBOX
  • 12S4P Samsung 30q pack


Trampa Long Range Build

  1. Trampa Holypro 16 ply
  2. Trampa Infinity trucks
  3. E-TOXX Helical 5:1 gear drive
  4. Samsung 10S8P battery
  5. Dual FocBox with 3d printed enclosure
  6. Dual 6374 Motors

Full video Series on build
Building An Electric Mountainboard: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUBQPuToReMcV1ZFNl5bfeWI7HTT5mkjw

Build thread


Just finished my Tampa board designed for Street and light of road use.

  • Trampa ATB with 6.5"urban treads
  • 12s4p 30q pack
  • Unity
  • FatBoy gear drives 5:1
  • Maytech 6880 tough motors
  • kaly enclosure
  • LLT power smart BMS

He’s brand new so not many pictures yet.

Would be interested to know other ATB users Wh/mile values along with your specs.


I was about to make this as an add on to the one I made on .builders lol… you got to it first :upside_down_face:

My eMTB started as a prebuilt from Trampa.

The current setup is as follows:

  • trampa holy pro electric deck 16ply
  • trampa infinity trucks
  • @nowind etoxx mini direct drive (8:40 helical gears)
  • 2x VESC6
  • 2x HK SK8 6374 149kV
  • Trampa ratchet bindings and heelstraps
  • Trampa Superstar 8“ wheels with Trampa tires
  • 12S7P 30Q battery with Bestech D140 BMS
  • Monster Box
  • approximately range 40km
  • weight 17kg with battery

I also have a few pairs of 6S 5Ah Lipos I can use if I want to shed some weight for jumping in exchange for range but have not done that so far.


12s6p 149kv dual focbox 72/16


How do you manage to get only 40 km on a 12s7p? Are the pneumatics killing the range? That wh/km is massive

  1. I never run my board down completely
  2. Where I live, it is very hilly and hills kill range.
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I have been getting around 15 miles on 12s4p 30Q (~520Wh) so 30 Wh/mile.

If your getting 40K then that is ~25 miles on 12s7p 30Q (~920Wh) so about 35 Wh/mile.

Seems about right considering im running quite a high Tyre pressure on street treads.


I am running 30psi max and ride rather aggressively. The consumption as you also said is consistent with my other board that has a 12s5p , 6374 motors and 6in tarmac tyres that I run at 50psi.


I was working on my first diy- Going with trampa holybro, vertigo trucks, hypa wheels with 7in inline tires, alien power system 6374 170kv motors. Was still sourcing the rest of the parts, was thinking trampa vesc6+ and a 12s6p 18650 30q pack.

BUT while searching for parts I obtained a trampa emtb and it is pretty sick! Has 80mm alien power system motors and helical gears instead of belts. I ordered a couple new lipos(for now) that they recommend for the board/monster box. I went through and cleaned up a few bad wires and re routed over the top of the binding like suggested by trampa, got a couple cable clamps to get still but still going to learn about the vesc tool a bit and update and get riding in the next week!


So got the 4 lipos in to try the board out, mainly to see if I wanted to dump 4-800 in a battery hahaha. Just did a test run and it was good! Going to put the dampeners back in and double check everything is tight and give it another go. Tried taking it up to some speed and it had some bad shakes around 20mph then had two springs pop loose. So that was the test ride leaving it how it came. If the blue are to stiff I have a set of yellows to try :grin: So far though I’m thinking that a proper battery pack will be in order for this board!

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Got my trampa parts today :smirk:


Looks nice! First thought you got only two wheels :flushed::joy: than understood they just laying on each other :joy:


Yeah I dont need rear wheels will just mount the motor mounts upside down and use the motors as hub wheels :joy:


So this thing is a blast! Going to try adjusting the throttle curve a little bit, and have been playing with different dampeners and it’s riding pretty good! Yellow up front, blue in the rear.


Only the batterybox left to 3D print… :smirk:


Custom MBS jumper.


Trampa top mounted carver

Trampa holypro 14ply
Mini infinity trucks
7" on superstar
12s8p 30q
Unik motor mounts and pulleys
Flipsky 6.6dual
Flipsky dual 6354 190kv motors

No clue on specs as this thing won’t let me ride it


14 ply Trampa Streer Carver

MBS Metal Matrix II (orange rear, yellow up front)

Trampa Vesc6 plus

HobbyKing SK8 6374 149kv motors

E-Toxx Mini helical 8/40

E-Toxx Grap Handle

HRB Lipo batteries 4 x 6000mAh 50C (12s2p)

Mini remote with usb rechargeable batteries

Trampa Slick Cut tires 8"

Front light O Light light S1R II 1000 Lumen Rechargeable EDC Pocket Flashlight

Trampa 16 ply Holypro (Set up for my wife…yes she loves this, yes I am lucky)

Vesc6 plus and Vesc6

Turnigy batteries 6s 4 x 5000 mAh (12s2p)

Overion motor mounts

Overion Chain drive (10/42)

Overion Maytech based 130kv motors

Trampa trucks

Trampa Barrels

Trampa Treads tires Hard compound 8"

Mini remote