eMTB & Street Carver Room (Pics & Specs)

Started my 1st eMTBoard in 2015 … The Darth Vapor !
Still upgrading/downgrading the thing :laughing:

Deck : Scrubs Furnace Creek series 2 custom, carbon fiber sandwiched.
Trucks : Trampa Vertigo
Wheels : 3 spokes, plastic, 9" Primo Stricker
Binding : Trampa
Mounts : Willozboard, short version, welded on Vertigo hanger.
Transmission : H25
Motors : APS 6374 170kV
ESC : VESC 4.10
Battery : 4x3s 5Ah 20c
Remote : GTB2

Upgrade 1 : (I notice only the changed part)
Wheels : Superstar and Primo Stricker 8"
VESC install on the rear trucks

Upgrade 2 :
Mounts : Custom Xmount with integrated support for vesc
Transmission : iso 06B, 11 x 36T
Motors : Overion 6374 130kV
Battery : 2 x 5S 5Ah 45C
Remote : GTB2 + 3D print

Upgrade 3 :
Wheels : 9" Fiverstar and Primo Stricker
Transmission : iso 06B 9 x 42T
Battery : 2 x 6S 12Ah 15C
Enclosure : Box waterproof

Upgrade 4 :
Trucks : Matrix 2 Pro and normal
Base plate : e-Toxx Full metal
Wheels : 8" Rockstar 2, and Primo Stricker tires
Binding : MBS F5
Mounts : Kit e-Toxx Mini Helical Gear Drive black anodized
Transmission : m2 Helical gear 8 x 40T
Motors : FS 6380 150kV

Upgrade ??? :
Wheels : 9" Fivestar, and Primo Stricker tires
Mounts : Kit Overion
Transmission : Kit Chain Overion 10/11x42T
Motors : APS 6384 80kV
ESC : ESCape (V6 like)

(video in 3rd view)

Whats gonna be next !? :stuck_out_tongue: hahhaah


We are still waiting for the roadtrip story you know?


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: oops, I will write it up in the other topic !..


So those 9" striker tires fit the fivestar hubs with no problem? Very interested

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Yes, I ride them for a long time now to get back with 9".
And did I have to talk about those Primo Stricker? On the board since I have buy it as a second hand … I guess more than 5 yrs of use, without a flat and still riding them on the last setup :+1:

I mean, still the same set of tires !


That’s a great review. Thank you

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Paging @rich @Andy87 @DerelictRobot @Lee_Wright

Are gear drives for an Emtb REALLY worth it? It would up my build cost by around 285 usd…


My gear drives are way less hassle than my belts were and I feel far safer using them. Belts always snap at the worst possible time but I can trust my gears to stop me when I need them to.


Pretty much this exactly. It’s the one thing I’m currently missing riding LoveChild vs my gear carver builds. That and torque feels more consistent across the duty cycle on gears- dont know how to explain it. Throttle response is snappier and more linear. I think I’ve put in so many miles on gears that I can feel the softer compliance on belts in contrast.

Only thing I’m not sold on completely is gears for eMTB, at least not 100%. Chain drives, in my limited experience, seemed more robust/serviceable for off-roading.


Thanks @DerelictRobot and @ducktaperules

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Haven’t done many miles with my set up yet but I am definitely having a lot more fun with gears.

First gear set up so I can’t really same much sadly. Previous board was an evolve with belts obviously.

I honestly love the noise lmao.


@DEEIF i had and still have a good time with chains as well. If you get the right wheels sprockets it’s also not too much extra weight.
For gears, they just give you great clearance and that the gears are enclosed are a big plus as well.

If you start from zero I’m not sure what would be cheaper. If you get motor mounts, chains and sprockets or a @moon drive. Both will probably end up the same price wise.


Thanks! How much more efficiency do gear drives have Then chains if you happen to know @Andy87 @everyone

At 786Wh battery I get round about 5km more range with gears. That’s for me either 29 or 34km range, so nothing big to worry about in my opinion.
I really would look what parts you already have and if money is the factor, calculate what would run me cheaper.
If you mind about noice, than forget about chains directly :sweat_smile:

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Noise doesn’t matter… Only stuff I have so far is one motor and stuff from my street board… Contacting Moon atm :grin:


What’s the setup on “The Light White” lookin like right now? What batts are you using on it? What’s your range?

Moon drives right now. 9/44 gearing 170kV abs 6384 motors dual escapes.
12s7p vtc5a. With the actual price I would probably go vtc6 for some extra range, but I’m pretty happy with 30-35km range for light off-road. Sag is minimal as well so can’t complain.
I still take the battery packs off after each ride, so in case I want to go for a light jump session I could as well swap to my lipo pack in like 2min.


Thanks! How’s the pack mounted? Velcro?

I am not sure if I am cool enough to be in this club … But are there any compatable drives for the tb218 and the AT tyres? I want them

Combination. I have a big velcro strip on the deck. On LiIon battery boxes just a bit.
I have 2x 6s7p packs and each is mounted individually with two m5 screws in the middle outer position of the box. So doesn’t affect the flex at all.

Not the best pictures but think it helps to understand it better.