ECOMBS - affordable and easy to build eMTB

Couple of folks expressed interest regarding the Ecomobl x MBS mash up I put together so heres a build thread.

But first…
This isn’t your ultrasmooth, super stable, ultra fast board.
If you want the best of the best this isn’t it.
If you want high end go look at this other build instead - BIG FOOT HAERO 2.0 <FINALITY + AntInnovation 63100 First Impressoins>
If you are curious on an affordable and super easy to build option read on.

To kick it off… Pictures!

I picked up an ET2 (not a bad board tbh but thats for another thread) from ecomobl since I wanted a “normal” longboard style esk8. Ecomobl’s boards were different from the standard cookie cutter DKP 7inch belt drive offerings you see on the market these days. Their planetary gear drive got me interested enough to pick one up on sale.

  • Its compact like a hub drive making it really easy to build
  • Its actaully an all metal gear drive with proper reduction
  • It makes a shit ton of noise to scare away the pedestrians with their eyes glued onto their phone.

After riding the ET2 for a while I thought this has potential to make a really sleek looking 4wd without the front motors sticking out in strange angles. I will start with 2wd with the stuff I have laying around just to see if it works. So I gutted the ET2 and cobbled this board together with parts that I have laying around… which puts me back in square one where I still don’t have reliable longboard style eboard.

Parts List

The Drive Train
Quick intro on the ET2 Drivetrain
Ecomobls boards runs on all metal planetary gear drive with 1:4 reduction (I need to double check)
The drive train comes with:

  • 18 inch RKP hangers
  • 6374 170kv motors (sensorless)
  • Gear drive and hub
  • Airless 8 inch knobbies

Hubs, hangers are supposed to be CNCed.
The whole set currently cost 654usd shipped making it ones of the more if not the most affordable options out there when it comes to geardrive.

How does it ride?
Everything about this drive train is heavy and I was having trouble with wobbles esp when I hit imperfections on the road with the rear trucks.
Once everything is dailed in though it rides surprising well.

You get quite a bit of extra shock absorption going from channel trucks to RKP (bushing is now sitting between hanger and base)
Even with solid tires I found the vibration and shocks perfectly acceptable.

The drives were surprisely smooth even though they were loud.
My guess is that since its 5 gears (motor gear surround by 3 satellite gears driving a large outer gear pushing the hub) Some gear is always in contact / meshed. Unlike other straight cut setup I don’t get the tiny jolts when changing directions or going from full stop.

HiFi were surprisely well behaved on these motors. Maybe 1/20 I can feel them trying to start up the wrong direction, I just let go of throttle and try again. I haven’t really had any trouble with cogging.

I would give it a thumbs up for sub 30 mph riding across whatever crappy surface that you would take a standard mountainboard. But do pick up some good hard bushings.

While I can’t comment on reliablity and longevity because I haven’t been riding this for long, I can say if you are looking for something thats easy to build, affordable and different but will still get you good performance, the ET2 drive train is worth a look. This thing is literally plug and play. Install 2 hangers plug in 6 phase wires. Motor detect + setup HiFi, DONE!.


Want… because affordable…!


Super nice build! love the clean look and the simplicity of the build!


E-COMBS! :haircut_man:


I used to own a 4wd with these motors.
Rode it until the gears for stuck, ordered replacement gears, found out they didn’t fit (already changed the design)

The gears are also basically impossible to remove once gunked and fkd.
Would not have sold if these issues were not there

Miles ridden before gears got fucked?

I might take these apart when I have time to see what I can do to better seal them. A little surprised that crap is getting in, I thought the gear compartment were pretty well sealed

Love your stealthy and clean builds. Good job man!

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Hard to say. At least 1000km

Need to say I had a prototype m24.

The gears on the current models have sized up a bit

Have to say after riding this around, this setup is really efficent…
I need to actually log a few rides but just from the battery meter its really sipping battery compared to my haero build running finality

Try running it 4wd. Would suck a 10s8p in 20 km

Great build and guys check out his video great music :call_me_hand:


What’s your opinion of the ecomobile drivetrain on durability Compared to gd drivetrains? How do you think they would fair in the rain? You think the gears are protected enough for an everyday rain build?

Yes that’s stuff is pretty waterproof. There aren’t even sensors.
Just don’t drive through too deep mud
Once big chunks of dirt go into these drives they will start killing themselves

The drive really isnt’ bothered by water. No sensor etc, its the stuff that comes along with the water that can muck it up.

The newer ones seem to do a good enough jump keeping all the crap out of the gear compartment. You should be fine with rain + dirt road / asphalt. They do need to be maintained though. You’d want to pop it over every 500 miles or so to regrease. That can be kinda painful.

Literally sold my board after opening those chunky drives

Couldn’t you just open one end of the gearbox and blast the old grease out with aerosol solvent cleaner? Then it’s easy to squirt new grease in with a grease gun…

You can only open it from 1 end…

neat set up.

could you put different tires on there?