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🦆 Duck Battery Systems - DIY Supply Webshop

Hello there :slight_smile: How far we have come in such a short time!

How the hell did we get here?

Not 6 months back I was still a lowly telemarketing exchanging my hours and soul for a decent living wage. Then I threw that all away to gamble my time, money, and future on the passion that you and I both share.

For these past six months I have been scraping by selling custom battery packs to you lovely people, as well as the good folks of several other communities. I have made quite a few by now, and hearing how satisfied my customers have been has made all the many, many hours worth it :slight_smile:

Building batteries full time has been amazing, but I came to realize (or, rather it was pointed out to me by my mentor and friend @DerelictRobot, in no uncertain terms) that I need to grow my business past one-off custom work if I ever want to make Duck Battery Systems sustainable.

There are only so many hours in the day, and only so many batteries I can build in those hours. Plus, there is only so much I can convince all you TLC-Extreme-Couponing bargain hunters to pay for the damn things :joy: Therefore I have a pretty hard limit on how much I can make just selling custom batteries. And let me tell you, it aint much. Andrew was right, it would not be sustainable long term.

So where then to go? Do we accept our fate and return to capitalist wage slavery? No, damnit!

Onwards and upwards! Today I am happy to announce the launch of my new webshop:

For the 6 of you who used my previous website, it has been closed and I am working on migrating over all the content, including my much-reviled custom battery order form :slight_smile: Going forward will just redirect to my webshop.

So what’s on the website, yeah?

  • First off, I will be selling pre-built ready to ship batteries in several sizes and configurations. Those will be coming soon, and I will do my best to keep them in stock. I’m open to hear from y’all what sizes and configurations you think would be the best to have in stock.

  • I will also be taking custom battery orders through this new site. Integrating my invoicing and payments through Shopify should hopefully both of our lives easier. Right now I am still building out the custom battery backend, so I have put a hold on new custom orders. If you are currently on my work queue, your order will continue as normal.

  • And finally, I’m sure plenty of you have been wondering at the sudden disappearance of the lovely nickel, fishpaper, PCB’s, and more from

The DRI Battery kits and DIY Supply has found a new home at Duck Battery Systems :grin:

Stock is currently limited as we only have what I could stuff into my pockets while Andrew wasnt looking, but more is on the way. Lots more.

Not only will we be taking over those product offerings, we will be expanding them to fill out a comprehensive battery building catalogue, including materials and equipment. If you have any items you would like us to stock, please let us know!

Anyway, that’s all I got for now. I’m really excited about this, so please take a look and let me know what you think of the new site!

Thank you for giving me a chance to pursue this passion of ours as a career :heart:

As a thank you, get free shipping on your first order over $50 with code “GRANDOPENING” :wink:

(US only)


@MrDrunkenMobster congrats on the opening!


congrats and good luck


Thank you both :slight_smile: I am really excited at the possibilities that this will open up.


Duck Battery Systems, In 'n Out, and Joe Biden. Three reasons I might actually return home one day.

Congrats, Ben!


Holy damn, congrats man, good work!

Time to plan out how to ship intl lol


ugh dont even get me started haha. Shit’s so damn expensive right now. And all the shit the UK is pulling with VAT… I guess we will know when we know :man_shrugging:


Congratulations, this is awesome news!


giphy (19)


So awesome to see this project coming through man! I’m still loving that 12s8p you made for me. The fit is impeccable and the battery layout is so neat.

10/10, would battery again.

*fire not representative of battery safety

What Daly BMS’s should I stock?
  • 10s
  • 12s
  • 13s
  • 14s
  • 15s
  • 16s
  • 18s
  • 20s

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Wow. Lots of good stuff happening today. What other size battery packs are thinking of selling?


12s4p 30Q and 12s6p P42A would be good to stock


would do one for an evo and then a flatpack for things like a hummie or tb40 and then maybe for mtb decks like trampa and flux and the last one is top mounts big packs

if you want to add a small pack like 12s2p p42a i expect people would enjoy to

Congrats @MrDrunkenMobster! I believe you’re in good hands! LEV sector is only growing and you are in at the right time IMO. Look forward to seeing your biznezz grow! Having Andrew to mentor you is a big plus too! Nobody gets there alone. Best of luck young duck!!


Congratulations dude!


Congrats on launching @MrDrunkenMobster!

On a side note @BillGordon why the hell would you vote for a 14S BMS :eyes:


Congrats man, great to see it’s been going well for you

Yeeeees!!! Congrats bro!!! And just in time! I need some that nickel!


Congratulations Benjamin!

Really excited to see you grow this area!

Now I know where all my battery supplies went.