Doubts after the first few weeks of my first esk8

Few weeks ago I completed my first ever DIY build and here I would like to list my new doubts/problems:


I made the deck several years ago with birch sheets and a fiberglass kit (for longboarding).
I really like the aesthetic result but it’s extremely stiff which makes the rides quite uncomfortable also because of the roads of my Italian suburban town that aren’t great.




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I was thinking about buying a deck from a company producing esk8 also replacing the enclosures according to the new deck. I checked the deck for the WowGo 3X and its enclosures where I’ll fit my electronics and my battery and they seem pretty good.
Do you think is it a good idea?


The trucks are from the TorqueBoards Single Motor Mechanical Kit V6 and I can’t turn sharp as other builds that I see online. Also, the bushings make a plasticky noise as you can hear in the short video below (as well as the turning angles).



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Buy new bushings? If so, which ones?


At the beginning I had the belt touching the wheel. Then I moved the motor’s pulley towards the motor itself, now it’s better even if I’m not sure if they touch each other a little bit yet. Is it good the room between the two?


Thank you!


I’m using the same combo. Most comfortable ride I’ve ever had. Beware that the deck is Crazy flexy especially if you’re heavy like me. Still doesn’t stop me from going 40km/h +. The deck has boosted levels of flex.

One important thing is the fitment. I would advice you to use a thick foam gasket for the enclosure. You can easily get gaps like these


riptide bushings and pivot cups. The pivot cups are one of the best purchases ever. Virtually anything is better than the cheap generic bushings and cups.

If you need advice on which ones you need hit up @RipTideSports


Happy to hear that! I weight about 80kg, should not be a problem.

Yes, that’s true. In your pictures they seem not to be the linked enclosures, am I wrong?
One question: how much space there’s in the Wowgo 3X ESC enclosure? I should put a Flipsky Mini FSESC4.20 , the anti-spark switch and the loop-key switch. There’s enough space?

Thank you, I’ll reach him out!


They are 2 separate enclosures. One for the battery and one for the esc. The connection between them is made with a cable that’s routed through a channel in the deck

about this much. (picture is before i put everything in)

With some slight modifications i was able to fit a unity, a metr pro CAN and the flipsky vx1 receiver with my own printed case

depends on the size of the esc. If it’s smaller than the unity, no problem.

Some of the depth of the enclosure is taken away by the integrated heatsink which is quite nice to have.


The unity is the new banana


Thank you very much for the picture! :star_struck:
Do you have one for the battery case too?

Yes, mine esc is noticeably smaller and that ensure the fitting for a future upgrade to the Xenith (when the budget will allow it).


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i should have one somewhere. Gimme a sec.


outside and inside

My foam vs the one that came with it

i removed the foam pieces inside except for one and fit a 10s2p 21700 pack


New deck, bustin boards, loaded… New bushings like riptide WFB for a stable but good lean or APS for snappier carving… riptide Pivot cups as mentioned earlier…

Your deck needs concave. That alone with bushings will feel a million times better. I’ve ridden flat stiff longboards before, even with good bushings they are a death trap.

Anything else imo would be just extraneous nice to haves that probably aren’t going to drastically improve your ride like new bushings and deck.

Honorable mention: swap out those washers with flat washers- more lean and less rebound, nice feel with high and low rebound bushings, can get cheap at hardware store to try it out easily.


Again, thanks! :wink:

Do the battery case’s signs are from mud or there’s lots of scratches? Do it tend to scratch when flexing the deck?

That’s exactly my (near) future plan (Molicel P42A). I’m using a LiPo battery atm :cry:

Ok. What do you think about the WOWGO 3X deck mentioned? It’s not really concave but people review it as really comfortable and accurate…

Sorry, what are you referring to?

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finalmente un altro italiano, bella build!


ahahahaha grazie mille!! Eggià, siamo un po’ pochini qui :sweat_smile:

Eng: Thanks, true there aren’t many Italians here!


Most of them are just dirt or little cosmetic scratched that hurt the “paint” from debris. The scratches on the bottom portion of the case are not from me, they’re from the previous owner, he must’ve hit something not sure. I have not yet scraped it anywhere.

not at all. Also since i weigh more than you i bet there’s little chance for you to bottom out more than i do (which i don’t lol)


Please, can you also link some bushings and pivot cups that you mentioned? (I don’t know much about this topic).

edit: @xsynatic if possibile can you help me with the question above too?

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I don’t think i would be a good help with bushings. I’m still using the stock Caliber 2 bushings. I only upgraded the pivot cups to the ones from Riptide.

So I’m not really in the position to give advice about that :slight_smile: (@RipTideSports is yo man)


not only im using stock cali 2 bushing, im also still using stock pivot cup
ya boy here is broke and can’t afford these premium stuff :cry:



says the one who bought a puck and hoyt drivetrain xD




them are good remote, can’t live without one. And I’ve got 3 :joy: