Do you balance your pneumatics tires?

  • Yes
  • No
  • what is balancing?

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fixed? How about now?

Fixed, it works now :call_me_hand:t3:

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No, but I want and need to.

One of my bergmeisters is wobbly af. Tried moving the tube a bit and reinflating but no luck.

Need to get beads or some lead.

Or maybe @haggyboard.timo can help out? :man_shrugging:


My Rockstar pro 2 hubs - yes
My Fivestar hubs - no

the fivestars are still smooth without balancing, the rockstars were not

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I have never balanced my tires.

They came from Trampa pretty accurate albeit with a bit of wobble. Rode them for a while and they seemed to true out a bit. Added some slime later on and that also acts to balance them a bit.

They still wobble but not much. If your wheels wobble a lot or you can feel them shaking it’s a good idea to balance them.


eh sorta. Cant balance my drive wheels as they’re connected to my elofty’s.


for those in the What is balancing camp: AT Wheels Balancing Guide

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Problem is that you can balance out the valve and the hub if there is some issue there, but it doesn’t fix wobble which comes to improper bearing seats or deformation of the tire itself.


I kinda want to. don’t know if I need to. I have 3 boards I’ve ridden them all at 30mph/48kph+ on one of them I got the slightest hint of something I noticed.

and it seems a decent amount of work. so I’m still in the “is it worth it?” camp. especially because I had too many flats in a row for a while. I think different tires solved that mostly for me though. still have the damage.

used 5 gram wheel weights to balance my 6shooters.

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Had to balance my bergs. Fivestars were a bit off balance so I balanced them. Then I got a new set and forgot and didn’t notice a difference because they’re so light.


I just use Slime and had no issues at all…

I don’t go fast enough to justify the pain in the ass that it is balancing tires on a skateboard

Leave that for y’all speed monsters


how fast? what tire?

@MoeStooge Balances his Pnuematics…

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I used Trampa Treats 200x50, Slick cut 200x50, and now MBS all terrain 200x50…I went as fast as I could go with different motors, hit 57 km/hr many times, and probably went faster than that many other times (I am not the kind of rider that it is recording the trips all the time)…My only time with bad wobbles was with the 4.01 update fw, not related to hubs or tires…


aint no one got time for that

Balanced wheels. Check!