DIY Wheels - Hollow Wheels - Very Comfy

you’re the only person in China that consistently gets on their knees for free shit. had to be you

please list the amount of free shit I get

People that get lots of free shit dont typically end up on their knees.

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Where’s your evidence, and also, even this instance, it wasn’t even me who reached out to him, @TheGoodMomentum DM me first

You’re taking this too personally, i’m just giving you shit.


lmao bro don’t randomly drop on me like that I stopped using English daily for almost two years there’s a very good chance I can’t tell clowning from sincere, I do a lot of testing for a lot of different people yes but only a few of them were free to begin with and I never reached out, it always has been people finding me one way or another. You were on to something when you said “consistently” that’s why it kinda felt personal.

Anyways, I guess this means I’ll stop merely reading this thread and start to actively post here. I’m quite excited to play with these as I would’ve bought a set myself if I was still living in Canada since I’ve been interested in these for a long time.


More exciting wheels in the works and applying a lot of learnings! Ty, @Stealther!


Sorry I seemed to miss this notification. I will shoot you an email later tonight. I appreciate you getting back to me!

Some of us are still waiting from orders from 28 August 2020! I’m reading you you on 3rd and 2nd pro! Just a reminder coming up to 3 years after I sent you the money.


Oh wow. Ok. Sorry about that. Let me dig into that. I’ll give you some free belts for my mistake.


Another failure here. I probably have 25miles on them. Bummer.


Pro or comfort?

Comfort, part of the first batch that was suspect.


Hey Mate, wanted to order your wheels but got confused about the models, am I right that comfort are more advanced in terms of technology than pros? Do I need to buy inserts separately? What about the failures, does it mostly happen with heavier riders? How soon do you expect to roll out v3 version? Thanks.

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Same tech, only difference is the tread compound. Comfort versions are for general use and are really comfy. Pros are a much harder compound and aren’t vary comfy but have crazy grip. I own both. Failures were mostly from the v1 comforts on heavier riders from what I saw, but he’s selling the v2. Inserts are not included but can be added into your order.


28 days later still waiting for update. Starting to thing he was been literal and is currently digging to China

Reach out to me and I’ll replace it.

@Darkie02 sorry about that. That joke was funny but I’m a douchebag for making you wait. Just in product development mode so trying to find time to come on here. Shipped yours now.