DIY Wheels - Hollow Wheels - Very Comfy

Very good idea!


I’m thinking of buying the comfort version of the hollow wheels. Do these still come in the front part beeing abec? I have bolt on pulleys and my trucks/axles don’t permit pres fit pulleys. Can anyone comment on this!? thx :slight_smile:

How about some V2 urethane with holes in it!? :smiley:

anyone used these recently? $99 on sale right now… all the core delam issues are fixed right? :sweat_smile:

I haven’t heard of any changes being made

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I have a V2 set on my shelf ive never used… the other set practically shredded after one ride on varied conditions, V1 wheels definitely debonded at the core. I remember saying that theyd be great for carpark sessions where the concrete is generally well maintained. I found them pretty shitty sor street use.


They are still being produced, V3 may be coming soon with full redesign.



plenty of beta testers around here I’m sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: