DIY Wheels - Hollow Wheels - Very Comfy

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@Akbrock47 Ahhh crap. Damn software issues. Let me fix it. I’ll DM you in the meantime.

Update on V1B wheels. They are on a 300lb rider right now and he is beating the crap out of them. I am also putting 2 more sets on two other riders right now that are 250lbs+. I have instructed him to carve as much as possible.

Going well so far.


Just got my wheels all the way down under. Hopefully dry this weekend to take it for a spin.


I fixed the codes!

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Waiting for better weather :sob:
Btw, the Kegel version fits the elofty/boundmotor ddrives, the abec one needs more force to sit on the abec adapter for boundmotor. The Revel Kegel Adapters spikes are too long.


Boardnamics kegel spikes are too long too. However the abec ones fit perfectly since the wheels have abec outer core

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There’s enough room on BN 220 axels to add spacers and use kegel.


I just got a boardnamics m1 gear drive with the too long kegal spikes. What is the concensus, drill into the outer part of the wheel, or trim the adapter spikes? It looks like I would need to drill about a third into the wheel and i am leaning that way.

@Tbone Try adding a spacer or two between your pully and the wheel bearing.

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I personally would much rather drill a little bit than do that. If you only engage with the inner core, you could have slippage, I feel like.


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Hey All,

I hope you all have been well.

Just an update on the Comfort Hollow Wheels V2. Testing has been going very well. I am going to be kicking off tooling modifications and production this week, so it will be complete before Chinese New Year (starts mid-Jan). So they’ll board a boat to the US Mid Jan and then I should be shipping all the rest of the orders and all subsequent Comfort Hollow Wheel Orders late February.


For tracking speed/mileage, what is the effective diameter of the wheel?

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Update: Packing of V2 Comfort Wheels have started. They’ll board a boat before Xmas. Manufacturer anticipates next batch to arrive at my warehouse by the 20th of January. I think we have ironed out the shipping kinks last time so expecting high delivery accuracy.


There is some shrinkage but you can expect as around 104mm

The negative camber does wear off faster at first then diameter does stabilize as load is more evenly distributed after a couple hundred miles. You’ll have to measure it again. Mileage will vary based on rider weight and aggressiveness of riding.


Hey Everyone,

V2 Comfort Hollow Wheels are on the boat and arriving on the 20th. I hope everyone had a great Xmas and are gearing up for a great 2023!

Durability tests have passed with big time success. All remaining pre-orders will be fulfilled.

Also, I am having an End of year sale.

End of Year Sale Till 31st of December at Midnight

Hollow Wheel Comfort : $85 in gifts with purchase of Hollow Wheel Comfort Pre-sale (shipping January 30th).

Hollow Wheel PRO : $55 in gifts with purchase of Purchase of Hollow Wheel PRO (ships now).

What is the difference between PRO and Comfort? Pro is 20% more grippy than Comfort. However, the impact and vibration absorption of the Hollow Wheel Comfort is 20% higher than PRO.

If you want all out maximum grip, go with the Hollow Wheel PRO. If you want all out maximum comfort, go with Hollow Wheel Comfort.

How to apply discounts

  1. Add items into cart.
  2. Proceed to checkout screen
  3. Enter discount code (click around)

Note: To get the discount, add the items into your cart, then checkout. At checkout, you will see the discounts applied. Discounts only apply when you have purchased the Hollow Wheels.

You must add the items into your cart, if they are not added, then they will not be shipped automatically. Whatever is in your cart is what will be shipped to you.


Blog Post!

I have some big news:

  • V2 Hollow Wheel Comfort are complete with production
  • Everyone that has has not received their V2 Hollow Wheels Comfort will have their orders fulfilled
  • New review of the Hollow Wheel PRO by city Surfa
  • Prices will be increasing for Hollow Wheel Comfort in about 1 week. For the lowest price on the Comfort Hollow Wheel, get them now. Currently they are $119, but they will increase to $149.99 shortly. Get yours now (Hollow Wheels: Maximum Comfort Pre-Sale – Momentum-Boards).

The V2 Hollow Wheel Comfort will be arriving by the 20th of January. The factory is packing the wheels this Tuesday and they will be boarding a shipping boat right before Christmas. We have learned a lot from the shipping experience of the batch 1 and think we will be able to get through the shipping experience as fast as possible without USA customs issues.

Video: V2 Comfort Wheels Durability Testing Passed. Shipping begins 20th of January - YouTube

V2 Improvements: I listened to your feedback

  • I have improved the bearing fitment
  • I have decreased the negative camber a little bit to increase grip
  • Drastic improvement in reliability and core to tread bonding

Notes: What did not make it yet to production

  • Boardnamic and Revel Kit with Kegel pins will still hit the covers, but with slight modifications, they can fit. On my to do list is to create a video to help guide those that need some help. I had made a surplus of Wheel covers and have yet to consume inventory so I will have to make a slight tool modification later this year.

Hollow Wheel PRO review by City Surfa (

Corey has the best cinematography in the electric skateboard scene. He reviewed the Hollow Wheel PRO and said this, “I give them a 5-star, especially for the comfort.”

Use his discount code “CitySurfa” to get reduced pricing on anything on the site, except for Hollow Wheel Comfort.

Hollow Wheel PRO here: Hollow Wheels - High Performance Racing Wheel (Momentum Boards) - YouTube

Please let me know if you have any feedback or questions.



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These all have the suspension inserts, in the pictures.
Are they still an additional cost?
Maybe its a dumb question…you might be having the option labeled on the box.

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I finally got to ride my wheels. I did a test ride as is without the suspension insert. The ride feel I’d say feels like TB 110/Zoobombs. Very comfy for a smaller size. I did encounter a couple ‘traction loss’ when going over paved roads with a lifted paint surface line. As if it wanted to push the wheel off the lifted line.

Range did take a hit, where i was getting 11wh/km on TB110, I got 17wh/km on the hollows. The free roll was significantly noticable as well, and im on a herringbone gear drive.

Im gonna try putting the suspension insert with full weights and give it a try again.

One flaw i found with the insert and rods is that once you put the weights in, its in there forever. So if you want to mess with the wheel feel, you need to start off with a light config and work your way up. Ill include a few pics for context.

While installing the rods, they are a very tight fit, and for good reason! But i noticed one of my suspension inserts started to crack a few minutes after i put the rods in. The other 3 inserts are are fine, only 1 of the inserts cracked on me. Perhaps its due to the tolerance of the rods being a bit too big or something.

Wonder if it’ll be a hazard? hmmm