Yes SNAP here the german link :metal:

They are available in many sizes and variations. I ordered the EPDM version (link above) but not sure if they sent me silicone. I know EPDM foam but not just EPDM. My grommets feel like rubber or silicone.


the upside-down vesc aluminium heatsink works fantastic. you get all the cool @NoWind prototypes

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I gave up the upside down mounting because it didn’t work with all the wires in the end.

Used some bushings from penny trucks as stand-offs

Then yesterday I managed to short the battery with an aluminium plate, here more info about the fireworks.

had to cut the wires and solder new extensions but this time a XT90S so no more loopkey as well.

For safety I used some tape on all bullet connectors and to hold the wires in place.

I found 3 different metal lids at home :sweat_smile: today I was riding with the red one

I was riding quite hard and when I came back home I touched the vescs and they were cool, very funny. Unfortunately dust is everywhere so this open enclosure makes no sense even in good weather.


have you tried instead of mounts the vescs to the lid why don’t you mount the vescs to the tub section so you can get the wiring done, then screw it down onto the lid. also that first aid lid looks pretty cool on the board

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Good idea but I think I prefer to mount them normally. Regularly I need to change wires (eg. motors) or use the USB ports. Also I don’t feel comfortable with all connectors upside down.

Today I made a new experience. I was in trail park and did empty the 777Wh battery at once. I was riding 5 times uphill and the flow trail downhill. My body hurts but the vescs didn’t even get warm which is sick. Normally I have to take a break everytime after uphill. I’m curious how it will be in summer, probably the motors will be the new old bottleneck.

OK heat issues with the vescs solved but now I have a new problem :laughing:
When I came home I opened the pelicase and touched the battery, it was quite warm about 1 hour after riding which is not good. I mean it was a nonstop hardcore ride but still not good. Need battery cooling :man_shrugging:


I had some epic rides on different mountainbike downhill trails. It’s weird but since the vescs don’t overheat I realize my battery is too small because usually the cooling breaks took a lot of time. I got cells for a second pack but it’s hard to find time to build because I want to ride :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Unfortunately I had a quite bad crash 2 days ago and need to rest. On the flowtrail I was riding too fast into a huge berm (as tall as me or higher) and 2 wheels slipped over the edge and I got stuck with the deck. I was catapulted down landing on my ass. my upper body and spine were compressed which was not very comfortable. After a bit of slipping I came to a standstill and was really scared that something bad happened. After a short break I finished the trail very carefully under pain but nevertheless decided to ride the trail a last time. It was ok but on some movements there was pain.

I am very lucky that on the place where I smacked down was no bigger stone or something. I am also lucky wearing always crash pants which absorbed some energy. Today my ass is better but before it was not easy to sit :laughing:. My lower back and on the side it hurts but I think it should be fine in a couple of days, at least I hope so.



And the sling of the remote failed once again.
Here you also see that I need the left glove more than the right.

Be careful and wear protectors guys!


Have to finish my Bajaboard and drive to Vienna.
@Mainflow will help me. :wink:
Refurbished his battery pack and he will get a second one with 12S/8P P42A


@rich best of luck and hope you recover quickly!

Having read a few of your build/adventure threads, I’d love to hear your opinion on the various decks now that you’ve had a good amount of time on each -

Holypro, DWII, and the Bro - what’s your favorite for trail riding, jumping, tight maneuvering?

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Thanks bro!

I was riding the HolyPro from 2017 to 2020. First with Trampa trucks with springs, then with elastomere dampers which was much better. I loved the flex and the bouncy deck, so easy to jump up curbs. I was jumping with the board, too but after about 2 years I got troubles with wobbling trucks and sketchy control when jumping/riding off-road at higher speed. Even pre-load on the dampers didn’t help. The deck bends and twists so it’s hard to control in difficult or rough conditions.

Then 2 years ago I built a light-weight board for jumping, first with Carver deck and Trampa trucks but then I switched to MBS DWII and MatrixII trucks. That’s the stiffest deck ever. I don’t like stiff decks but was very surprised how good and precise the control is. On my first ride with orange shockblocks I couldn’t ride because it was like balancing on a rope, so weird. After some days it was getting better. It is very sensitive and direct to control, the opposite to Trampa. After switching to red shockblocks it was more stable.

In dirt park is a narrow single trail which I like to ride sometimes. With the regular Trampa board I succeeded 2 of 10 times only. With the DWII it’s 8 of 10 times which is weird. The board for jumping rides better than the board for riding. I thought it must be the trucks so I bought MatrixII trucks for the HolypPro as well. Bad thing is that it didn’t change anything. That was the moment I realized that the Trampa deck is the problem and bought a Haero Bro. At the same time I switched to E-Toxx trucks.

I was hyped for the first ride but was disappointed because I couldn’t do tight turns as usual. Just to be sure it’s not the trucks I switched back to the HolyPro and the turning radius was much better like always. So I kept the Trampa for riding and tried the Bro for jumping. It felt very good from the beginning and it’s my favourite deck for jumping. I can’t do tight turns but that’s an advantage in this case. I don’t know but for tight turns I need the edges of the deck to transfer the power with the heels or by grabbing with toes combined with hard lean. The Bro deck is too wide to do that. Meanwhile I learned to steer with The Bro but it’s different, a lot with bending knees and shifting the body. I should try orange shockblocks for science, maybe tight steering is possible.

Last year when I started to ride mountainbike downhill trails I realized again the HolyPro is not best so I switched to DWII deck and back to Trampa trucks. Very carvy setup, too carvy for my taste even with hard compressed elastomeres but it worked well for all the tight curves in bike parks. But the trucks started to wobble at mid speed or even on hard accelaration. However with the stiff DWII deck the control was much better and riding trails safer compared to Trampa which means less crashes.

Then I switched to new E-Toxx trucks which work very well with the DWII deck. The only problem is that I get speed wobbles at higher speed when riding rough off-road. It’s still the best combo for riding.

As you can see every deck has it pros and cons depending on usage. If I had a wish free it would be a Bro but in shape of a HolyPro with reinforced tips for riding, basically a HolyBro. I know most like the width of the Bro but I don’t at least not for riding, for jumping it’s great and very stable.

Funny that the HolyPro is my favourite deck but I don’t use it since 1 year. It’s great for onroad, skate park, normal riding and having fun but not for serious off-road.


Yoooo return of the living dead in 2024!
It’s time to rebuild the dirt machine to bring back the joy…

FIrst of all I had to replace the MBS DW II deck which was way too stiff for my taste. The Haero E-MTB deck seems to be a good choice, I love the shape! Here pics compared to the original Bro deck

The E-MTB deck is about 1 cm (0.34") narrower which is great.

The 6384 motors that I had mounted before are done, they wobble like hell after hitting various things like stones or roots on bike trails.

I could mount new shafts but I have 63100 motors laying around which I’ve never used. Time to try out whether the motors fit on the E Toxx carve trucks at all.

It’s very close, but it works!

Because both motors had loose windings, I had to glue them.

There are small gaps on the motor plate where debris can enter, It’s easy to spot with backlight

I sealed it with butyl tape

Switched to raw E-Toxx V3 hubs and 9" mud plugger tires

Ordered Riptide krank bushings for roadside to improve the carve trucks

For the vescs I upgraded an old enclosure where I had heat problems with an aluminium plate. I also made a hole on the bottom to route the cables into the case from the bottom.

Temporarily I use velcro but want to bolt the enclosure to the deck in the near future.

What a mess…

Then it was time to mouint the Pelicase for the battery in the middle. Unfortunately one of the three threaded inserts in the middle of the deck is totally fucked up. I had a similar problem on the original bro deck where epoxy was in the threads. I was able to remove it with a hot bolt that I had heated up with a blowtorch. On the E-MTB deck that didn’t work and the more I tried the worse it got.

Also during test fitting I stripped a bolt and it took me 1-2 hours to remove it.

In the end I just used a very short bolt on the damagerd insert.

Then I mounted a charge port which is absolutely fine for 8A charging current.

old school voltage meter, not waterproof but very practical

When I wanted to charge the battery, I discovered this but could fix it quickly.

I use a BMS for charge/discharge but want to switch to charge only for safety reasons, too many failure options.

Time to route the power wires inside the channel.

10AWG cables fit exactly into the channel, more is not possible.

Covered the cables with some tape before mouting griptape.


The total weight of the board is 40.8 lbs.


I had my first ride and it feels so good to be back on the mountainboard!


Looks awsome ! I also had this deck with etoxx trucks but switched back to my kaly deck cause i didn’t like the look of this deck with my orange etoxx trucks.

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Haha after seeing exactly your pictures in the thread, I had to order the deck immediately!
So you’ve never tried the deck? I like it very much so far but need more rides to be able to say more about it.

I had a head-on collision with a cyclist on the way to work today. We are almost good but the front truck not reallly

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Damn! Looks like it was a pretty hard impact, even the hub looks bent! Glad you and the other guy are OK! I think Jens can fix the truck/basepalte.


The hubs are alright, just the tire moved from the impact.

One steel pin broke off the baseplate

At this point, the aluminum is also damaged

But now the sensational news, the hanger is still straight as a candle and not bent a single millimeter!

I can’t believe it was the strongest impact ever and nothing happened, and I’ve bent many hangers so far! The best quality pays off, I’m stoked.


So you “just” need a new baseplate and and you are good to go :upside_down_face:


I received adapter rings today, with these 9 inch tires have a perfect fit, run true and you can use lower pressure. In my next accident, the tires won’t slip anymore

I also ordered a new racebase (baseplate) to be able to ride again


New baseplate arrived :sunglasses:

Ready for shreddy again :metal:


These E-TOXX trucks are the best ever IMHO. Stable. Agile. No cons. It’s hard riding other trucks after testing this one.

Please @NoWind make the eshop that your great gears deserve!!

Update : OK it seems to be ALMOST ready finally!!! :heart_eyes: