Finally it’s time to move the thread to this lovely forum. The former thread had 839 posts and 20k views which is insane so I’ll try to extract the most useful info and hints here step by step.

Also gonna post all updates of the last months. For the beginning I thought about posting all the parts only which are still or actually in use to make it less confusing. But to make it quick, the only part left from the original Trampa E-MTB is the deck :laughing: . Feel free to ask for additional info.

Actual setup:

Trampa HolyPro 16ply deck
MBS Matrix II trucks
MBS F5 bindings & heel straps
MBS 9” T2 tires
E-Toxx offset hubs V2
E-Toxx maxi helical drive 8T/50T (1:6,25 gearing)
BioBoards (Maytech) 6374 220kv motors
Trampa Vesc 6 in DIY enclosure
12s6p VTC6 Li-ion battery 777Wh + Bestech BMS in Pelicase 1150
DirectFET anti-spark switch

Total weight: 18,4kg (40.6lbs)
Top speed: 52km/h (32.3mph)
Range: 25-35km (15.5-21.7miles)
Consumption: 20-30Wh/km (35.8-50.1Wh/m)

and in action (stills from upcoming video)

stay tuned :grin:


Here it is :sunglasses:

It’s not that visible in the video but this trails are really hardcore and don’t forgive any faults. The first one is on the edge of a hill which means you fall and slide down the hill after a crash or losing balance. Fortunately I always got stopped by trees or bushes.

Second there are many small snags close to the trail so hitting one often means buying a new truck. Here you see the axle and the hanger are bent.

Also I slided there down on my head already after hitting the same snag. Next time I cut it with a saw this little f*****.

Please don’t ride without safety gear!


I :heart: this build.

Do you have any more plans to develop it or are you happy with it as it is?


Love the wheels!


Thanks bro!

I will change parts for sure that’s why only E-Toxx remains in the title :joy:

I had so many broken motors but hope these battle hardened Maytech’s last longer than the ones without treatment. If they die I would switch back to my 6384 flutes or get new 6384 (if my wallet agrees).

Maybe I switch to a stiffer deck, the HolyPro is very comfy and nice to ride but on heavy offroad terrain it bends in all directions and is less controllable. I mean it was perfect until I bought the MBS DWII with Matrix II trucks which is stiff and delivers better control. After switching to Matrix II trucks on the Trampa as well I realized it’s the deck which is unfortunately too flexy but I still like it.

I have some troubles with 3 of the 4 Matrix II trucks which I couldn’t solve so far. The kingpin gets loose all the time and the hangers start to dance. I have to tighten the lock nuts before and at least 3 times during the ride which is ultra annoying. I swapped the lock nuts and also use 2 each kingpin but nothing helps :man_shrugging:. At least they look good.

I love them, too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And I love @NoWind and @Duffman :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The design of the offset hub is great and with 3 bearings it doesn’t wiggle on the axle like all other hubs with imperfect bearing spacers or bearing seats which I had before.

Also the 9" is much better for offroad than 8" IMO. I can ride faster and safer with better traction but sliding/drifting is much easier with 8", also 8" is a bit more agile, however I like both.

It’s quite a difference between 8" and 9"


Wait a sec. Do I even have bearing spacers on my axle (v1 hub)? lol

For the V1 hubs I made bearing spacers (I think 8mm length) cut from a plastic tube.

This pic shows bearing spacers for MBS Rockstar Hubs which are way longer. MBS doesn’t use bearing spacers at all but I prefer to have them so it’s DIY. I also made many aluminium spacers for Superstar hubs before but it takes much more time.


So when are you getting dem ETOXX trucks? :smiling_imp:


That’s a really good question :thinking: would love to try them (the shorter ones).

Whenever there is a set for testing available I’m more than ready @NoWind. I guess after testing I would prefer to transfer money instead of sending them back, just as warning :laughing:

Also sent an email to @Haeroboards today asking for a Bro deck, don’t tell my wallet.


My wallet screamed to me already.
Did I forced you to this? :thinking::joy:

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Cool, I hope you get to test them! Didn’t know he had a shorter version aswell, sounds interesting.



If you feel better I also blaim @Lee_Wright, @Andy87, @malJohann, @glyphiks, @Riako, @BigBen, @DerelictRobot, @Pimousse, @ixf, @klaus79856 and others. I’ve read the bro deck thread.


If I remember right they plan 400mm and 350mm wide hangers.


Did I convince rich to buy something? I feel proud


I thought 300mm :thinking:


On another note, one question to your gearing, does the 8T 8mm motor gear have a set screw or something or you just did glue it with loctite?
If only loctite, which one you used and does it hold strong so far?
Having a maxi drive on the way as well, but with 10mm bore there is no room for any key or screw…

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8t 8mm straight cut has a set screw with a keyslot.

Dude, making a hole in your wallet in nothing compare to the feeling of making a hole in the deck :smile:



I can feel your pain…did I see a small tear dropping down the deck as well :thinking:


I have just bought an vesc enclosure from @NoWind. Don’t tell my wallet. :kissing_heart:(klaus haero ist bei Jens. :joy:)