Yes those trucks are truly unique! Especially in combination with the new deck and Riptide roadside bushings they feel so good. The stiff DWII deck was not really my friend and I’m glad I don’t have to use it anymore.

Today I had my first ride after the crash and it was epic!

Also made my first scratches on the bottom of the deck in skate park

I decreased the tire pressure from 2 bar (30psi) to 1.5 bar (20psi) and it feels waaaaaaaay better in off-road conditions, really nice with the rigid mud pluggers.


agree - 20 psi on 9" mudpluggers riding offroad is something special


After a few rides I have to say this is the best setup I’ve ever had :star_struck:

Shredding in the woods

I’ve also been to the bike park and ridden the flow trail and it’s never worked as well as it did this time.

But I had quite a few problems with the remote control (which I had in the past as well). Several times the VX1 disconnected in the woods, thank God I didn’t die! Only after turning off and turning on the remote control again was the connection back, I guess I have to replace it. The other 2 VX1 remotes I use on other boards have no such problems.

But what scared me even more was that the anti spark switch turned off during riding, this has never happened before. Fortunately the bindings saved me from face planting, it happened during heavy acceleration. The physical switch on the outside of the enclosure has turned off due to vibrations I guess.

The velcro strips have become loose after a short time and the whole case wobbles back and forth like crazy, this could be the reason for the problem with the on/off switch. Actually, I wanted to bolt the enclosure to the deck, but unfortunately this is not possible because there is no space at all inside the enclosure.

I have it now with double-sided adhesive EPDM foam fixed to the deck and so far nothing moves.

I had always used combined knee and shin guards, but they slipped all the time which sucks. This new solution works very well and doesn’t move at all.


Maybe it’s just me but I had terrible luck with VX1s. I have 4 of them. 2 were dead on arrival, one was disconnecting every 50km or so, then one time sent full throttle without any input (that’s when I threw it out). If while falling i didn’t kick the board in order that it hits a tree, it would have probably went out onto a road with a lot of cars. The last remote was working for an year, maybe year and a half, although during that one time I suspected that it gave the full throttle during a fall, not me. It was 100% reliable until that point, so even though I was suspicious I ended up thinking it was me and I just didn’t remember giving the full throttle. Then recently, during my last ride with it, it randomly sent full throttle signal 3 times without any input. Two times I was fine, the 3rd time I got a speed wobble, ate shit, and smashed my helmet into the asphalt. So I recommend avoiding the VX1 as far as you can.


Thank you very much for your feedback bro, it helped me a lot and may have saved me from serious injuries :metal:

Most remotes are inherently evil :smiling_imp: I’ve had 8 different remotes so far and 7 of them have tried to kill me! I had 3 remotes that gave 100% throttle while riding for no reason including Trampa Wand and GT2E. I can happily do without this adrenaline rush :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I also have a VX1 which arrived broken and never worked . I opened it today and found out that the lipo is dead

You motivated me to try the VX 4 pro which I bought some months ago at Apex.

Here a comparison with VX1

I glued 1mm thick foam strips because it was way too slippery

Then I set up the remote and went for a ride… wooooow what a great remote and very brutal :sunglasses:! I tried different settings and ended with 5% deadband and throttle sensitivy 2, at level 3 it feels like a rocket but a bit dangerous for normal riding but perfect if you want to go crazy.

The display is very bright (but needs a lot of energy) the displayed info is very helpful. No disconnections or problems so far… Hopefully it stays that way, but so far it’s my favorite remote


You are welcome!

:grimacing: I am now using a GT2E. Heard it was reliable and I need trigger style. I haven’t had any issues with it yet. Thumbwheel is not fine enough control for me for 2x180 motor amps, and it’s only gonna get worse when I finally get a CNC and machine a 1:8 gear drive. Now you got me thinking too. I have zero chance of survival if the new board decides to full throttle on me :sweat_smile:

On that we can agree!

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Don’t worry, the problem was the receiver and my fault. The lid of the enclosure was touching the wires and bent them, after some time I had regularly full throttle sensations. If you don’t bend and stress the wires that shouldn’t happen. Second I had cut outs every time when heavy vibrations occured (e.g. curbs). After wrapping the receiver in soft foam, this never happened again.

Jesus christ :flushed:

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It seems to last pretty long though, and fortunately, it has a battery meter on the screen


It was time for the ultimate test, the dirt park :metal:

This build is not really suitable for this type of jumping but unfortunately my board for jumping is still not finished. I couldn’t resist as I haven’t jumped in the dirt park for almost 3 years.

In the beginning I landed a few times with the middle of the deck on the edge of the landing. That left a few scratches as memories

Once I had the right speed, it worked wonderfully and it was so much fun! The trucks were a bit wobbly at speed and after landing, so I tightened the kingpins pretty hard. Not ideal but it worked better then.

After doing a lot of laps I warmed up and started with backside and front truck grabs which I’ve never done before with this build. That was epic and I was stoked. I wanted to shoot a video as evidence but during a break I started to drink beer with the guys. When I jumped again after that, I realized very quickly that the beer was not a good idea at all, so I stopped jumping right away :crazy_face:

I love the deck more and more, it is so much better than the DWII for me.

Unfortunately, the case for the Vescs doesn’t hold up and I have to come up with more creative solutions like gaffa tape or zip ties because I don’t have any more glue material left.