Direct drive bolt on kit? Revel Boards Kit

Revel boards ( a seemingly new company ) has just launched a Kickstarter campaign. It seems that they are offering s kit that’s direct drive that compatible with a lot of different wheels types.
On one hand it looks like a cool way for people to get into esk8, but it might also just be a money pit.


Yes and no. Revel is and was a company who sold private labeled LandWheel (LW) drives in the US. Landwheel came out around the same time as Mellow, and delivered a Mellow knock off before Mellow actually came out. LW went through 5 iteration of their drive units over 3 years due to various problems beta tester (myself included) found. There were wires that melted, ESCs that blew, brakes that should be charged with attempted murder, plastic housing that were too brittle and literally fell apart. They literally replace everyone with new units each time and at the end, it was finally a solid product. It was FOC quiet, smooth acceleration and braking curves. Not Mellow’s “Made In German” kind of claim, but they learned from their mistakes. So I’m actually confident that this new drive which is a collaboration between LW and Revel will be good. I have a Mellow and I think their remote suck compared to what LW had.


Revel Kit Customer Review:

Hello all:

I was contacted by @mishrasubhransu a few weeks ago. He noticed that I had posted on another forum that I was due to recieve a Revel Kit Prototype. He encouraged me to post about it on

I’ve had the Revel Kit for a month and I’ve prepared a video review. I hope you find the review informative:

FYI this is a customer review. I’m not affiliated with Landwheel or Revel Boards, nor to I sell or profit in any way from any type of electric skateboard. I just love electric skateboards and I really enjoy trying new ones.


Just waiting on funds so i can get this kit. Revel is a very good company with great customer service as well

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seems they canceled the kickstarter

all I see for eskate over there now is this:


You can get revel kits from Loaded now

Edit: NVM that’s the Ride Unlimited kit