DemonGeese | Semendeed | 21s4p | 2x D100s | 4wd

Hope for a speedy recovery mate so you’re good to go for esk8con!

Hmmmm bad luck streak continues.

Closer examination of the motors today:

As you can see it got banged up pretty bad. The working theory is that something happened to the motor that then propagated to esc, popping something maybe. So that one side was bad.

We tested a good motor with the bad side of the esc and it still couldn’t spin the motor.

So threw in a new esc, everything ran fine first time when I was testing to make sure it’d solve the issue. Bad motor also didn’t run on the good esc.

Unplugged everything and started routing everything to be buttoned up. Re ran detection it was fine. Ran hall sensor detection kept failing and motor was making really weird sounds.

Upon closer inspection I found I had crossed one of the phases. One each on the wrong side. So fixed that. Hit the power button and poor up in flames it went :fire:.

So, no working board right now…

Noooo! That sucks man.