Deck graphic designer

Ok, so the mold and press are sorted for the new deck, prototypes under production. Currently trialing different number of plys, composite layers, (enclosure design still being modified).

So thinking of selling nude decks, alongside limited runs of differing artwork/designs. The underside is obviously taken up by the enclosure, top side only.

Any recommendations for a graphic designer or even a source for designs you would like to see?

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Give Doug a shout.


im trying to find a decent program to do some graphic design on this stupid chromebook, and id love some practice, id throw some designs your way if you want. free for now, too, as i am rusty as hell.

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Sure, send them on. If I use any I’ll sort something in the way of payment

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@BigBen, love the designs he did for you. Did you ever get them on a board?(waves)

He did

Not sure what happened to that board though. Would love to see a build thread about it…


I’ve got few knocking about. I’ve seen a lot that he’s done as he lives about 500m up the road from me😂


lmao i slapped together one design in like 30 minutes and threw it at him before work. i will not release it unless he says so, but i think its pretty cool and if he doesnt use it i will, and will make several more tomorrow as i need practice and to get used to this program. if anyone wants one though, lemme know and give me a theme and ill throw you something to put on splattergoat or whatever. :slight_smile:

edit: pm me in that case, lets not clutter this thread.

How about this:

I made something similar on my board using paint, stickers and colored electrical tape but it’s obviously positively amateur hour compared to this.

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That one is on here and it’s incredible


Personally, I’d like to see more decks with street art. There’s tons of incredible murals in my city and I’d love to see something like put directly on a deck


I should have known hed be on here nice work @brown5tick


Thank you, squire! :pray:

I have a friend, wolf, here who does amazing job, he did all the Timber line

I could give him a call if you want

Someone say graphic designer who eskates?

say no more fam