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DAVEGA X: Accepting orders

Order form. I will contact you regarding the payment when I’m ready to ship.

See DAVEGA X: Gauging interest for details about DAVEGA X.

If you have any questions about purchasing please ask in this thread.


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Damn this thing has really come a long way in a year.


I would love to get one. Just not in the cards atm.
The price has gone up quite a bit but it looks like a much more solid device now and much less DIY so the price makes sense.


I will. Please bear with me. I’m currently essentially juggling two full-time jobs and two kids. Many orders (including yours) have already been dispatched. I just haven’t been able to find the time to send out the tracking links yet. Will do that tomorrow or on Friday at latest.


Yeah @deckoz calm down. Give the guy a brake

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banggood sells the cheaper V1 davega’s for $26! 3D print a nicer enclosure (if you want) and you’re all set :slight_smile:

(If you want me to take this down, I can out of respect for the original inventor. But I just want to put it out there since he no longer offers the cheaper V1’s for sale)


You would be better off getting the Arduino Nano, ILI9225 display and wire it up like this. Then it’s ~$8 and you don’t waste any plastic. :wink: You would just need to modify some of the available enclosures. The same is true if you get the Flipsky one though since it’s a lot thicker than the version that I used to provide. I haven’t tried but I’m pretty sure it won’t fit into any of the printable enclosures.

Bbaldrick has made a really nice housing for the Nano:

Unfortunately, he never made the STL files available. :frowning:


@janpom At least we get it from a trusty member. I will get on Saturday or Monday, I think. Since Czech not that far away from me.

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Here’s a quick lazy update about the state of shipping.

These are still waiting to be shipped.

These are going tomorrow morning:

Everything else from this batch is already on the way:


That was quick!


@janpom Nice work thank you for providing. I have a couple orders in.

Thanks. I confirm I got your orders.


Payment sent thanks again

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Is this order still open?

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Wow I love it I want it.

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Quick status update:

I do have your orders but I’m currently waiting for supplies. Please allow ca 2 weeks. No need to pay anything until your packages are ready to ship. I’ll get to each of you individually with payment details later. Thanks for understanding.


Important message for EU folks. There are ca last 25 units that I’ll be able to sell without VAT. I’ll be getting a VAT registration before ordering the next batch of housings and I have to start charging you VAT then. This will unfortunately add 21% to the price for anyone in EU.

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:o … I’m going to order one now, wanted to wait but 21% is huge ._.

edit: ordered! :smiley: I think I wrote my forum name wrong, stan.8 instead of stan

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