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CURVA Board. Rocker and Edge Pneumatic wheeled unique board
I found this and naturally it has never been mentioned here or on bro’sfm

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I got into contact with the dude after finding his posts on

it was unclear exactly how the board was working but they explained:

The edge wheels are angled 15deg toe out, to allow for turns with 0 edge wheel movement relative to deck.

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This board is actually pretty intriguing. It’s like a one wheel and a Freebord and a mountain board had a 3 Way and this was the result. I want to try one. I had wondered about how one would make an off road Freebord, and this seems like a pretty good attempt at that.

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Similar to freebords it seems like a great time powered or not! A simple enough design for anyone to make a home with junk. Therefore to the DIY type it is a very interesting find.

About off road Freeboard, yeah if you could maybe make a way for a castor/ball drive to pop down when leaning hard maybe you could get a better slide?? idk there are cool different ideas that the CURVA board could inspire.
Maybe for a start giving the middle wheels some slight pivot movement with a caster angle as well as possibly suspension for them and the edge wheels. Shit ton of unnecessary parts but could be the right way to improve that boards ride.

One idea that comes to mind is putting two suspension edges on the sides in the middle, so you have resistance to leaning before the hard edge contact. Perhaps suspension on the existing edges would be a better way to improve though.


I think it’s cool as it is. Kinda want to build one now. Maybe using two wider center tires could increase its off road capabilities, like how one wheels can roll over all kinds of obstacles. :thinking:

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my last idea was to make it have some kind of Ackerman steering when you leaned into the edge not just suspension but yes I also like the way it rides using such a static system.

Actually… there are no moving parts besides the wheels…
Have any other vehicles done that?

oh onewheel yeah.

Not sure how well it will catch in the Slavic countries with that name. :face_with_monocle:


Well I’m already a hoarder, and a skateboarder, so being a whoreder seems like a natural progression. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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hmm even with the C yeah damn

I’ll keep this one :upside_down_face:

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this reminds me of the curva board minus the support wheels
what are these 2 wheeled boards called anyway? I’s seen them in couple videos by okp at the paris cup irrc

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There are the gas ones that are the exact same looking, been around for a long ass time I figure not catching on for some good reason. Would be a awesome weekend build though thinking about it… then just slap the edge wheels to try a DIY CURVA :rofl:

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It looks like something id build in scrap mechanic, stoned, with no clue how itd actually operate. It rides like something id build in scrap mechanic, stoned, with no idea why it was working so well. Id try it out. Be cool if the middle wheels were covered, just to mess with onlookers.