Complete Stop Downhill/Uphill on a Mountainboard (VESC6) is it possible?

Hey guys.

I have been looking for this topic for quite a while now and I can only find older posts from Benjamin Vedder stating that it would be a nice to have feature to have a “handbrake” or something similar on ESK8s.

The problem is when you are going uphill and break the board will stop and then roll backwards down the hill - so you are not able to stop and it is kinda annoying because you have to jump around to get your boards sidewards to stop moving. This is mostly a problem if you are locked in a full binding and have no way to just easily step out.

Any of you guys found a workaround or don’t even have this problem in the first place ?



So Solution for my Problem:

Set my VESC to Current Mode - Limit the Reverse speed to 2km/h


Everybody with hall sensors and vescs will have this issue. The only thing helps is release brakes and apply them again as soon as you started to roll. There is no brake force as soon as your motor not turning.
I didn’t tried it by my own yet, but maybe it could get a bit better with an as5047 Encoder, maybe…


for some reason this problem doesn’t exist on a meepo board

maybe its something to do with either the hubs or the esc

you said there

will this change if you don’t use them

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it’s funny that this is a feature on almost every cheap board


I expect it has a lot to do with reverse being active on meepos.

Much like the DD braking issue, could enabling reverse make our parked brakes feel better?


why would reverse help this issue

also why cant there be reverse on vesc is it the problem with the remote or the vesc that we use

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Because then you actively maintain your position on a slope, which is what people would like. If you just keep braking you’ll slowly roll downhill


so you are saying on a slope a meepo board is just constantly moving the motors the opposite direction of the slope

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No, no one is saying that at all.

Check the DD thread for info on braking.

Vesc has reverse, this is painful.


There’s already an entry in the TODO list of the VESC software, but it’s from 2017.


no as in I meant why cant vesc do exactly what cheap boards are doing with breaking on slopes

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Yes thats exactly the one post I was referring to… didn’t see any updates to that.

Would just be nice to have a full stop - don’t see why this could be a technical limitation ?

Technically there is, when setting mine up the first time, I had it working going back and forth in my living room, at the time I figured they were all suppose to have reverse. Before I actually got on the board and tested it, @Trampa said I had the wrong settings, that they weren’t setup for eboarding like that (something along those lines) not really sure what would have happened if trying to ride it, but the PID setting on the vesc tool did give me reverse :joy:


although this feature is nice to have, if you’re travelling at speed it tends to lock the wheels when you brake real hard and you’ll probably end up flat spotting softer wheels

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Slap some one way bearings on and your golden :smiley:


Its just weird because I can easily get the board to stop on a hill when after breaking I just so ever slightly hit the throttle to keep it in place.
There must be a way to implement this feature.

I am also bummed by this because on some crosswalks, especially the bike ones I prefer to keep standing on my board. Ironically, I start rolling towards the street and have to constantly weight shift myself back while holding full brakes. My friend told me that it could be a custom app, a “handbrake” you could say. So if ERPM is very low, small energizing of motor phases is needed to engage full lock. I am not yet so savvy to attempt making this. :smiley:


You could easily prevent the actual lockup when the speed is greater than 5km/h and brake is less than 70% or something like that.
I really see no downside in implementing such a feature.

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i would almost prefer to have a seperate brake lock that won’t activate until after you’ve used the regular brakes to come to a still-rolling stop then let go and hit the brake again. then it locks the wheels and only below a certain erpm.