Community Shout-Outs

Has someone gone out their way to hook you up or really help you out? If so, give them the props they deserve in this thread. Please don’t bitch about people here. This is meant to be a place of respect and appreciation.

I’ll give you my example:

Within five minutes of being introduced to Mike Maner through, he did a remote access into my computer to help me solve a Vesc Tool driver issue that was bugging me to no end. He spent an hour of his time helping out a guy he barely knew just because.

Thanks, @mmaner !


One more bonus because it’s another thing that made me want to start this thread:


This is the podium from the Rocky Mountain Esk8 Races. Obviously, these guys deserve as much credit as possible for their achievement. This was seen by Thurbolt who then decided to make the trophies below and send them out so the riders would have great reminders of the event:

Very cool, @Thurbolt !


Thanks to @ARetardedPillow for introducing me to EUCs! I also heard that @mmaner is going to get one soon too

Also shoutout to whoever chose “Biter” as my title :face_with_monocle:


did you check your credit card balance after?:face_with_monocle:

idk but it´s super hard to give a shout out here. i´m limited to what, 10 people i can tag in one post?! :joy:
So I´ll send my shout out to the @mods who always try there best to hold this place clean, on track and also listen to the input they get from the community.


Come to think of it, all of my Albanian amputee midget porn went missing that day.


Wauv… Thank you too :pray: This is a hell of a motivation for me :+1::+1::+1:
P.S. Guys, Colorado Cadi (Gabriel) Is a hell of a racer… Join him in the ROCKY MOUNTAİN ESK8 RACES and beat him in the race if you can ! :+1:


On my first build, I had issues with a remote and @rey8801 helped me out over dozens of thread replies. Eventually was solved but for a DIY esk8 noob I greatly appreciate little things like these


Shutout to @Skunk & @mmaner & @others that I don’t know, for organising an awesome gift for me for Secret :santa:


I appreciate that @BillGordon. No worries, I like to help.



On one hand I really like this thread, its cool to give people a pat on the back and recognize a persons contribution. On the other… where do I start? :slight_smile:.

@Sender for making awesome decks even better, epic level stuff, and using me as his guinea pig is incredibly rewarding. And for being a great friend, none better.

@longhairedboy for giving us options. This community is important to me, without LHB we would be floundering.

@BillGordon for keeping his foot on the gas. I don’t think many of you guys realize how much time and effort Bill puts into this place, if it wasn’t for him I doubt we would be as far a long as we are.

@Psychotiller for taking the time (a long long time ago) to help an idiot (me :slight_smile:) make the leap to builder. That guy, damn. He’s been making legendary gear for years.



I’ve gotten so much help from this community with esk8 and more.

@mmaner @Dareno @Lee_Wright @J0ker @Itsmedant @Grozniy @b264 @monsterbuilder @deckoz @andrewmunsell
I could tag people all day. Some of these guys have even gone as far as to help me with personal life issues and it really means alot.
Can’t thank this community enough.

Okay that’s enough, back to trolls and lolz


So many, but the main group that has walked me through this journey to build my first board and get so addicted i’ve already got 2 more planned out.
@Dareno for being daddy.
@DerelictRobot keeping me company during night shifts and teaching me a shit load about esk8 and other tech!
@deckoz for his lighting advice, and nutrition support too!
@Andy87 getting me obsessed with MTB!
@Grozniy running an awesome SS and doing it again this year!
@longhairedboy (for teaching me the right stain to use!)

@Sender for teaching me his ways and being a brother in beard same with @mmaner

@BigBen will be added to this list for making me an amazing enclosure

There are so many more out there, I’ll probably throw more up as i go through everything.


I want to shoutout to everyone who takes time to go to the noob thread and answer questions. I try to help out too but more often than not, I end up having to ask my stupid questions there myself. Without all of you, i wouldnt have a build and I’d be joining @mmaner on his unicycle rides.


This community is full of cool people.

  • When my friend crashed bad and sent his board under a car, you all pitched in and got him running again.

  • @Arzamenable lent me a battery to use in Colorado, without that I would have spent far too much time charging and far too little time riding.

  • @topcloud sent me some foot hooks after crashing pretty hard in real bindings

  • @Riako sent some extra motor mount plates my way just to share the stoke with someone halfway across the world.

  • Everyone who helped me with my first build; and tech support to this day.


Shoutout to @klaus79856, for becoming a friend of mine and @Andy87 for helping out with my mtb build and @taz for being my Greek buddy.:grin: Oh not to forget about Daddy @Dareno for his awesome humor. SeanHac


Also @BigBen & @moon bug for facilitating purchase & shipping of esk8 parts and for creating awesome gear drives


Giving a shout out to myself. Fuck you guys…



thanks @ARetardedPillow for lending me a board to use during NYEF


A shout out to @SeanHacker because he is desperately in need of it. :grin:


@MauveMaverick who helped me finish my build I spent hours replying to my stupid questions