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Community charity auction planning

Feb auction donations here:

Hi all, I’ll try to keep this as simple as possible and let it progress as organically as Kim Kardashian’s career after she banged some dude and put it on the internet.

We’re going to be holding a bimonthly community lead auction here on the forum.

The goal, in a nutshell:

We gather parts from the community, small bits, big bits and everything in between. Enough to get a board built and working in some capacity. Whether that means a beast or a super terrible but working shopping cart runner it does not matter.

That board is then auctioned off in fully open bid and transparent manner, this way because this is a community initiative and it’s supposed to be fun. One-upmanship welcome as long as it’s civil.

Proceeds from the auction are split 50/50 between a donation to a worthy cause at the time. Skate related charities would be cool but when we run out of those we can go with wherever the money would best be used. Part donators can vote on which charity. The other half of the money will go into the forum maintenance pot to keep this place awesome for us all.


A builder will be selected (volunteer) to “host” the build every time, this can rotate as needed as we have a huge pool of talent on the forum. For our first build we are blessed to have Mike @mmaner as a volunteer, Mike lives in the US for shipping purposes.

I will run the part collection and other admin on paper from my mud hut and parts will be shipped directly to the builder.

We will spend 45ish days gathering parts and 15 days for the auction every time (roughly two months every time, 6 times a year)

One part donation per person per auction (aside from things like cells and dual esc’s, so within reason). This is in place so that we don’t end up with a whole auction being “funded” by one person, this is supposed to be a rag tag collection of community off casts, so let’s make that happen!

Vendors are encouraged to contribute of course, big parts would be cool :call_me_hand:. Dig through your thirds and those parts that slid under the filing cabinet when you were practicing karate in the workshop and fire them at us.

So with all that said:

Let’s gather some parts. Parts will be selected based on quality, age and usability in the particular build we’re working on. We’ll swap and change them as bits become available and the ones unused can go in next time if they are still available.

Let us know what you have please, once it’s all planned out you can ship them Mike and we’ll get building.

Lets make this fun.

P.S. If you have suggestions for the format of this initiative I’d like to hear them. Could you please PM me directly as not to clutter the post. This was a waste of time :sweat_smile:


This is gonna be great. I’m pumped! :metal:


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I guess us EU folk should save our parts for the next one then, right?


I was thinking that, we could alternate. I’ll probably chuck parts in to this one myself in a pinch though. All depends what you’re willing to pay in shipping to the cause I suppose.


I should have reserved a post for the list :upside_down_face:

Can we do anything about that chaps?


Question. If the part is deamed unworthy or there are two of something, how is it handled?

I’ve been drinking mind the typos


Does donating a part count as your donation/bid or would you donate money on top of that? Just wondering for myself and some buddies who might be interested!


In don’t think so.


This is such a great Idea

Let me dig thru the pit…

My only thoughts are…

  • the builder should be selected first

  • they should tell the community their intentions… Rat Build to hey I’ll try and make something that won’t kill somebody

  • crazy diy better and cheaper than a pre-made…

  • Frank can never mention VESC or trademark in this thread

  • if somebody dies I deny involvement


The first builder is me, the build will be determined by what is donated. If you want a penis shaped esk8, get together with @SeanHacker and figure that shit out :grin:.


M’kay… I’m on board…is this going to be the main-thread and a separate build…request for parts aucton thread going to be created…

What if I say this is totally awesome and I throw bux 100 at you for misc. B.S. you might need or negotiating power with someone that has what you need… Is that copacetic as well?

What if I prefer vigina based esk8s?


this went out the window


I’d prolly talk to @Brenternet about that, but it’s prolly not an issue. I appreciate you taking part, this is gonna be fun.


Faak Yes… I’m completely on board!.. I’ll check my refuse pile… But I haven’t been in this game as long as some/most of you… How about if you get to loggerheads in the build… I can infuse some cash later…

Right now… I have some most excellent “noodle wire 12ga super-flex” and an anti-sperm xt90 and some xt60s i can commit!

And a whole butt-ton of lowes metric allen wrenches…


It’s all good brother. We will figure it all out.


That would be cool. @Brenternet, get your ass in here What do you think?


If we send you guys a bunch of stuff and you can’t use all are you ok with shipping the whole lot to the next builder? that could amount to weight a lot.


I’m happy to do that. We need our feelarles leader to confirm though.


Unfortunately most of my random bits are for 6s, so probably not much help to most builders here :stuck_out_tongue:
I do however have a TB Nano remote that I probably won’t be using anytime soon…

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