Community Board Project X

Thank you. I don’t have any problems with pairing the BMS with Metr. It is just a shame that the LLT app is not stable.

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Highly recommend the “XiaoxiangBMS” IOS app for iPhone users, extremely stable and easy to use. But isn’t free.

Is there one for Android too?

Ya, the crappy (read as unstable) one. You download it from their website

Yeah the free version is really unstable. thought there might be a pro version…

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Would be nice haha or if they just finish developing it.

looks nice!
What ESC and battery you got under the hood?

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Thank you :slight_smile:
12S6P Molicel 50A SS and Maker X Dual VESC6.


great choice in parts! :slight_smile:


Hey everyone!

We’ve started the pre order for the first limited batch of 25 PCS of the Titan Project X Flex aka Dark Chocolate aka Caramel Swirl aka not 100% sure for the name yet :smile:

Pre order price is 2490€ instead of 3490€ full retail price for the 12S6P version.

For the forum only we offer a special DIY pre order bundle containing the 44"x11.5" deck and the 12S6P 21700 SS eboosted/Titan enclosure including a seal, inserts and bolts.

This is a THANK YOU to the community and will be also limited to 25 kits. The price is 299€ + shipping which is less than the manufacturing costs. The full retail price after the limited batch sell out will be 699€.

You can order the deck and the enclosure with our with out Titan logo. Otherwise the deck will be just “raw” painted and clear coted. If you want to skin it, feel free to ask as for the glass frit we played with. We will included to your order.

Stay safe and ride on :call_me_hand:t2:


Is this still alive?

Oof, I completely missed that this project was finally complete and for sale! That deck + enclosure combo deal looked awesome :cry:

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Its been two years!? My goodness the time has flown.

No it’s no longer alive. I sold a couple boards, but it was not a lucrative business case. So I decided to switch the business.

I’m still riding a DKP Titan Prototype though, which for me is the perfect board.

Yeah man, time is flying indeed…

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Btw, if anybody is interested in, I’m selling most of the stuff I bought for R&D and prototyping, including finished builds like the 20S Mountain Bomber Alpine Mountain Bomber 20S4P 10kW
I spent in total way over 30.000 $ during the 2 years of development, so I’m positive everyone will find something.
I’ll open a sales thread soon, after making a list and taking some pictures.


Do you have any boards and or enclosures to sell?