Cloud Wheels/Clone SR Foamies Review

Recently I have the opportunity to try out the non SR branded Foamies from one of the local esk8 reseller in Malaysia and I’ve clocked around 30 kilometres on it, not a whole lot but I’ve done the runs at a car free route that has variety of road conditions :blush:

I’ve first known of the existence of the non SR branded foamies from my Ownboard guy in China and asked for the price, I was told that they will still cost approx 600+ yuan (USD$ 85) per set so I didn’t want to spend the money before trying it out…I’m currently running on the 90mm boosted stratus clones with offset core and I have to say they are really great compared to my previous 97mm flywheel clones…

TL;DR at the end of this post :+1:

I’ve listed down the general pros and cons of the wheel based on my own usage and experience.


  • Huge size @ 120mm so there’s freaking a LOT of thane right there, if you’re using anything smaller than 97mm then you’ll feel the size difference.
  • Grooves on the contact patch meaning better grip on slippery surface albeit not as grippy as pneumatics.
  • ABEC core so pulleys are easy to come by.
  • Cheaper than SR branded Foamies.


  • Huge size meaning lesser acceleration, higher top speed but I’m not a top speed guy so the lost of acceleration is a big hit for me, I felt that the board felt noticeably slower in the acceleration after 25kph.
  • These wheels are heavy as heck at approx 500 grams/wheel so it will increase the board’s weight substantially.
  • You might get wheel bite depending on your deck but I didn’t get any on my W2 deck + caliber trucks combo.
  • There’s a humming vibration when you’re riding on smooth surface like cement and tiles, less noticeable when on rough surface like tarmac.
  • Free roll reduced a lot as i noticed the distance is much shorter and the board feels like it’s braking due to the grooves on the wheel.

Riding Experience

  • On smoother tarmac, it does feel a little different compared to the 90mm but very minimal, it feel different but not better per say. The 90mm wheels were pretty ok for my riding so this foamies didn’t really excel in this part.
  • On rough tarmac, the vibrations are much lesser but riding them for a prolonged period will still numb my feet. During my test, there’s a stretch of rough tarmac of approximately 700 metre and I’ve always had numb feet after riding them on my 90mm, but I felt a little bit better on the foamies so I would say there’s just a little difference between the 2 wheels.
  • On cobble stones/brick roads, they feel exactly the same as the 90mm wheels…feet went to shit after that LOL :rofl:

I’ve snap some photos of the wheels comparing to my 90mm and also how it looks when it’s on the board, you can see them here -

All in all, I would say it’s a good buy only if you have the additional money to spare because imho the improvement is quite little that I don’t think spending the $ 85 is worth it considering it’s double of the price for my 90mm boosted stratus clones :thinking:

I might missed out some things that is minor so if you have any question, please do comment below and I will try my best to share my views on it :ok_hand:

TL;DR - ride comfort improvement is minimal, not so worth the price, huge size can be a plus/minus according to your taste…


A little update on the cloudwheels I tested previously…

I’ve recently tested the cloudwheels again on the Ownboard bamboo gt and noticed that it was performing much better than the one I tested previously…

But this set isn’t the same as the previous ones cos the previous set that I tested wear totally blanked out Thane, so I couldn’t actually see if they have the foam inside or not…the new set is the translucent ones so I could see clearly that the foams are inside :+1:

They perform really well on the Ownboard and does absorb a lot of vibration on tarmac and brick roads but the contact patch is still very narrow and I did slid twice while carving slightly harder than usual…

All in all they are pretty good wheels for those that can accept the lose of torque and also it’s huge size, I’m still not a fan solely because the narrow contact patch…


Uh no you’re wrong, the difference is massive over clone 90mm wheels I don’t even know why you would say they’re even close. And most people who diy aren’t putting them on a boosted and sacrificing range/acceleration. They’re using proper gearing. I’m sorry this is a terrible review.


Seconded. And even over 97mms tbh. They feel really good to ride on (albeit having tried them for just abit). Folks here also seem to like it alot, considering its price.


I rode on abec clones for a day and instantly regretted the time I wasted installing pulleys on them.


I wouldn’t argue with you if you think that the review isn’t up to your standards but whatever I said in the review is solely my own opinion after trying out the wheels :+1:

I tested the wheels on my own Foosted build with a 15/36 gearing and my 90mm clones aren’t the regular flywheel clone, they are the offset ones which resembles the boosted stealth wheels.

I am not sure if the clone foamies are exactly of the same thing as SR’s but in my own experience, the clone foamies didn’t really do much for my ride comfort :frowning_face:


I’ve used flywheel 97mm clones as well for a few hundred KMs and I have to say that they aren’t good tbh :-1:

That is why I am surprised that the offset cored 90mm actually perform better than the 97mm clone flywheels in terms of comfort :scream:

Red?! WHAaaat


I prefer the grey

I checked them out today. @CarbonV got a set. They are massive. Probably a good solution between
standard urethane and AT wheels


I think those boas got to go


all reviews are subjective.


Red is pretty rad :+1: but I prefer slightly subtle colours :smiley:

YES :love_you_gesture:

Thanks for understanding man, I wrote the review solely for sharing and the statements were all my own views on the wheel :slightly_smiling_face:

They indeed are massive/huge, my friend who rode together with me during the review ride thought it was an AT wheel at first glance :sweat_smile:

They are great for thos who are running on 83mm or 90mm ABEC clones because the thane is just much more thicker :+1: but for some reason it wasn’t as drastic when compared to my 90mm boosted clone offset wheels :thinking:

Not calling your review bad, not even gonna comment on the content since I haven’t tested them myself and therefor have no opinion on them, but maybe test the wheels more than literally just one normal weekend cruise before you write a review on them.


I am.


I totally understand your point of view man :+1 that’s why I say it is my own opinion on it :slightly_smiling_face:

But thanks for giving a constructive feedback :+1:

Thanks again for the feedback @Kellag :slight_smile:


Just went for my third long ride with the Cloud Wheels. Starting to really like them. I was on abec 107mm for the longest time and loved it but wanted bigger without having to get new wheel pulleys for TB110s and was waiting the the Abec 111mm but it’s taking too long. Finally decided to get the TB150mm pneumatics. Love the feel but the lost of range was devastating for a large guy.

The initial ride had a lot to tiny vibrations that was annoying. But the ride I just finished finally toned it down a lot. The ride is plush and went over debris and the three damn wooden bridges with acceptable vibrations.

As for the battery, I’m glad to gain the range back and will probably put the pneumatic on another board in the future.

I usually write down my ending battery percentage (don’t lecture me) after each ride


Put the BOOsted in the trash can and put more time on them foam filled wheels. You’ll Love them watch

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And yes guys. They’re totally worth them money. Buy them


I can’t believe there’s still Boosted crews. Can’t imagine that pathetically short and slow ride day in and day out


Sometimes riders don’t have the proper guidance to help them out. Heck. I used to be all about evolve but then got to try diy Thats when I realized their stuff is crap compared to other offerings for about the same or less

End of the story