Cheap City Board for commuting? So many new brands?!

TLDR: I have around 600$ to spend on a board for rough city roads, any suggestions?

I’ve been working on my diy esk8 for years now, started in october 2016 as a highschool engineering project, used it a lot in Arizona and it was fine. I now moved to Milan where roads are trash and the weathers is bad pretty often. I’ve been trying to get my board working for the city streets but it rattles itself apart and makes way too much noise. I’ve considered changing some components I used because of supplyer constraints from school, but adding it all up it cost more than a reasonably expensive prebuilt.
Now, my board is functional but i’ll leave it for some lighter cruising in the summer and maybe one day make a more professional diyer out of it.
For now I’d like to get some info from you about a board for daily commute. 30km/h max is fine and 20Km range also. I’ve seen many chinese brands popping up like Meepo, of whom I really dig the City Rider for the tires. Any good boards like that out there for around 600$?
Thank you for the responses^^

Have you checked out dickyho on ebay? he has some cheap pneumatic kits that might suit you.


That :arrow_up:
And if you want more premium and some colour bling, go with @haggyboard.timo drive train or at least his hubs to help with roads


If$600 for rough terrain board then @dickyho for sure.

Not to derail anything here, but depending on your build, invest 600 in upgrading your current build makes more sense:


You may get some inspiration from this-


There’s a lot to be said for upgrading your existing diy, in the end you’ll most likely have a better board.

For pneumatics I’d go six shooters.

If you’re set on a pre-built the Ownboard W2 has good specs and fits your price range. It uses the same hobbywing ESC as many others (Exway X1 etc), but unlike most other Chinese boards has a 10s3p Samsung 30Q battery, and is belt driven.

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If you want a parts list for a decent build, this one is $784 (actually less because grouped shipping from dickyho), should do 25 mph on full charge and around 15 miles depending on the battery. Parts could be better but it’s not bad overall, easy assembly at least.

There is already a PSA: Do Not Buy on those chargers.

You WILL buy twice if you buy those.

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True, how much is a legit 10s 2a charger?

I really hate to say it, but the most reliable 10S slow chargers I’ve found are the 2A Evolve chargers. :expressionless:

The most reliable 10S fast chargers I’ve found are the 4A Metroboard/enertion/Evolve chargers (which are all the exact same model)

They’re kind of pricey but they are very good.

That charger you linked will work about a month, then crap-out. I’ve had 3 or 4 all do the exact same thing, and bought from different places.

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You can actually buy 5 of the cheap chargers for a single Evolve charger…

I bet, LoL. There’s a good reason for that. We need to find where to get that charger, except not through Evolve.


Ive never had problems with YZpower chargers from AliExpress, they work really well and last for a really long time.


Yeah at $50 you can get a good 10s 10a charger

They will even do custom ports, like xt 60s or specialty ones.

Another reason I like the Evolve chargers is because no noisy fan to annoy the girlfriend.

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Ive looked everywhere for those chargers, I can never find them though.

Same price as an Evolve charger, 4 times the power

You can always disable the fans and open the case

I don’t want to charge at 8A if I have 5 other fully-charged boards right there. I like the 2A chargers. Plus, my 5.5mm x 2.1mm jacks are only rated for 5A. And I like how compact and easy to use and easy to plug they are.