CAD for your old stuffs

Hey guys,

I have now been a long time on this forum and would like to provide something for the people here too. There are a few projects in the works, and you will hear of them soon, but about this one:

I am a industrial product design student and about to graduate next half year. One of my hobbies, specialty and work is CAD. I work in Solidworks mainly, but I am also used to generative design in Fusion now.

I started talking with my friend @martijns98 and we came up with an idea. If you have for example a 3d printer, good ideas but are having trouble with modeling or designing your work we are willing to do it for you for free, but donations are welcome. We are happy with old stuff you do not use anymore, we love repairing so even if its broken its okay! though preferrably not broken battery packs or unrepairable items :rofl:

If you think you have something for us send a message here or PM and we can talk stuff out! We will not claim the designs we make for you and 2D drawings for manufacturing can be made.

I have aquired a lot of experience in design for additive manufacturing, laser cutting, sheet metals, and milling(though this is my passion project and i am still learning.)

@martijns98 is very good in design for additive manufacturing, lasercutting and simulating forces.

I have done work with i.e. @PixelatedPolyeurthan, @Creavenger, @surfnacho (who taught me a shitton) and some other people on this forum already and i think they can attest my skills (though not always the fastest).

Random pics of our work:

These are not the best pictures, but all i have, i will change them up later!


This is sweet!


Can confirm, Luuk is amazing at CAD, made some epic things for me. He is an awesome guy and so kind, definitely hit him up with part requests.


point of this thread is nearly unclear on first read at least, thought it was just model sharing, which I guess it is.

lol drop that

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Wowow ok im sorry ill rewrite it, why drop that picture?

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the CAD file lol

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PM sent.


Why you think its bad? Its one of my past work, but it has evolved (hah) a lot.

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drop. as is give it to us. upload it.

wtf you think I want?

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Oooooh actually its coming! Sorry i thought you said i should remove it :rofl:


get outtttaaaa herrreee

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I want to create an open source evolve geardrive with these files, and @Creavenger is making the first prototypes.


Make the straight cut and helical gears interchange with the BN M1 ones, also the mounting for the big gear should be the same too.



Thats not a bad idea, i will look into this, we do use mod1 gears. However the fixed mount plate on the evolve geardrives provokes a lot of restraints.


I understand what @LuuktH is doing here. Awhile back he shared some detailed drawings of his own design with me, The part was quit complex, and I thought he did a great job. In my communication with him, I could tell he is very passionate about what he does, which is a key component of being good at what you do.


Thank you man, those words mean a lot to me!


How the hell did I not see this thread!?
…besides the title not doing it any justice.

Dude, it’s been a real experience for me to see your work in design and realisation. The attention you pay to the smallest details of both form and function are a huge credit to you but the products really speak for themselves.

I can’t wait to strap those pimp new hubs to the Black Magic gear drive! Seriously lush one-of-a-kind stuff.

Are these bevel gear drives!? :eyes:


Wow I didn’t even see this thread until @brown5tick mentioned it :call_me_hand:

Can’t wait on these wheels :sunglasses:

yo where that file at tho


What comes after graduation?