Builder Pro Tips!

This is a thread to drop the simple advice you wish someone gave you when you started. Apparently we didn’t have one, and that sucks. Stuff that you didn’t do that came back to haunt you is optimal.
I’ll start.

Don’t use power tools on enclosure mounting bolts. You might fuck up your deck.

Lightly sand your motor shaft key and keyway, green loctite usually works but it’ll help it work regardless.

Esc>bullets>panel mounted amass connecter is the best order of connections for motor to esc if you want easy maintenance and part swaps.

You can run a panel mounted USB cable to your vesc for wired connection without opening anything up.

Frogtapes “paint seal technology” is a con, not a pro, for almost every use you could employ it for. Blue scotch gang for life.

Carbon fiber is conductive. If I have to explain further, do not build an esk8.

Measure 4 times. In millimeters. When I measure twice, I still end up wrong, somehow.

Wear a helmet or you won’t be around to comment when we say you should have.

Gorilla tape(the waterproof plumbing version) has held the broken pipes under my sink together for over a year. Without a sign of wear OR tear. It ain’t pretty, but it’ll save your life. Apply tactically, it’s a nightmare to remove.

I’ll be back with more but that would require thinking. Your turn! Drop your pro tips here. If this doesn’t outperform the esk8 untruths thread, we’re all in danger. Love you fools.


Yes the measure twice or even three or four times is a must. Mounting my enclosure to my deck was a nightmare!


Do not for any reason rush your build…it sucks waiting for parts, it sucks having to order that 1 thing that is holding up your ride time…Almost every time I “made something work” I regretted it later and it cost me more to fix it in the long run


“just get it running and call it done” is an absolutely perfect point of view for a board you intend to ride for two weeks and ditch. Let them find out why that’s not a good long term plan, I say.

“Don’t build anything that relies on a setup the hasn’t been previously tested,” is great advice, but also no fun and leads directly to stagnation.

As such, be aware of the balance. Innovation comes with the very real and very likely possibility of sacrifice, which may or may not have ANY payoff. That sacrifice may include every drop of work youve put in to this. Be aware of that, and play it safe at first, future noobs. That is all.


Respectfully disagree with this one

Clutch on the drill. Those with long bolts should be careful…

@longhairedboy video here shows the brilliance of a carefully used drill for installing inserts. The advice I’d have is is, take care.


That’s fair. Just be careful is too vague though. People tend to fuck up, so I say be careful. Some of you don’t need the advice here, write tips as if to those who do.


How many times you measure the enclosure bolts theres a 99% chance you will fuck one up


Panel mounted connectors for phase wires suck unless you have extra bits that provide strain relief and bolt the two halves of the connector together.


Glad you made it thus far :partying_face:IIRC ya we’re a bit stubborn at first.

Lightly mount enclosure after setting sex bolts/barrel nuts in resin before it cures for a perfect fit if your holes had any excess play.


DONT SKIP PEELPLY/BREATHER IF YOU’RE VACUUM BAGGING RESIN WORK :rofl::sweat_smile::smiling_face_with_tear:


What is ‘best’ for somebody else might not necessarily be the best for you.


Amen! This is why I stopped using them :slight_smile:

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Get a pocket protector and nerd out on material science. Not everything shiny is gold.

There are topics here with rabbit holes that are meant for you and some that you should avoid.

Cross train and visit semi adjacent forums. E-bikes, x-class drones, giant scale RC, midget racing.


I’ve got one:

Take pictures. Of every step. And post them in a build thread here.


Link plz


Im so happy with this tread and this community . I would be lost without it. Thanks for everyone contributing to this!!


Don’t let the black and red wires touch. Also, not all USB cables carry data. Some just charge shit. Those ones needs to be thrown out or burned.


I fucking hate those usb cables so bad.


Just let the damn loctite fully cure.


They’ve caused me so many headaches. The VESC tool seems to be extra finicky about them too. I’ve had cables that I have known where data cable, but the VESC tool didn’t give a fuck. There’s another tip. The VESC tool doesn’t give a fuck.