Build thread for Electric Roller Skis

Some folks have requested to follow this project, so I am creating this.

You can see my artistic skills here:


You can get some remotes to pair to a dual receiver, @b264 does it I think?

GT2B will. OSRR will. :wink:


That looks like what I need.

What about the receivers?

Does anyone have the wiring diagram for this receiver ?

I want to know if it is compatible with the Flipsky 4.20 “FSEC” VESC.

It is.

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In this diagram, where would I connect that receiver’s pins?

I mean, it’s probably the “RECEIVER” one… which would be PPM?


Yep. For that receiver it would be ppm.

Wait? Seriously? I can have a master mini remote that controls all boards??? :flushed::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I just got a little hard.


Yep. Same receiver as the GT2B. I’ve always just had a master remote for multiple boards. It’s pretty awesome.

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Is this correct?
What are the other pins for? Other channels?

I bought the race remote because it could control 20 boards and switch between them but have had nothing but problems w it. A Race-Remote Project

I’ve got three minis and have never had a single problem with them.


Looks good to me. That receiver looks exactly like the GT2B. Pretty sure channel 2 is the one you’ll be using.

Yep. You’re correct. And one channel (channel 4. Thanks Brian. Couldn’t remember) is for binding.

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I know absolutely nothing about that one. Is is a uart remote? OSRR is uart, but it can control multiple remotes. Wish I knew more about the one you have.

That was me and GT2B’s. It used to be my go to.

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I think he stopped making them and joined the ossr team. I have 1 of the 4 made.

Nope. Unless he’s waiting to just buy and resell.

Huh. He told me he was stopping to work on an other remote. I need to send myself to derail jail :zipper_mouth_face:

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Ah. He might be using the source for OSRR then. Just not on the team. I know Andrew and team (Creator of OSRR). But OSRR is open and free to make. Haha

Probably misunderstood what you were saying.

Black goes to ground, red goes to +5V, white is signal

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