Build a battery pack, is 18650 a good choice?

How about 10C 18650 battery? This is the best battery I have so far. Make a 12S battery pack for electric skateboards.

you specified 12 batteries in series. other important thing is number of batteries in parallel. how many do you have?

Adding to previous, you need to consider batteries with highest discharge rate possible. Battery capacity is much much less important thing

For a distance of almost 20 kilometers, the commuting tool is an electric skateboard. You can know that I want to build a larger capacity battery pack, I have 52 10c 18650, 12 batteries in series, in the end I can only use 48 batteries.

18650 cells have been commonly used for years in esk8 but most have moved onto 21700 cells now. Better energy denisty and power output for the amount of space they take up. That being said, there are several 18650s that are suitable for esk8. E.g. Samsung 30q, Murata vtv6 and,vtc5, Molicel p26a to name a few.

As was pointed out above, you do need to make sure that the power output from your battery is sufficient for your needs. I think before you consider building your own pack you need to do some reading… Like a lot of it. Here are a few threads you should start with. Building a battery is no joke and shouldn’t be taken lightly. It can be very hazardous and a risk to life and limb. Lithium fires are pretty much impossible to put out once they start.

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can u tell us more about these cells u got? maybe a pic? or a model number? not all cells are good enough for high discharge use, like in an esk8


I’m no so sure most have moved on to 1 type of 2170. The Molicel P42A because of how hard it has become to source Q30 VTC5a, VTC6 at a reasonable price. next best 2170 we’re the T30,T40 but often out performed by the 18650

Discharge current is still the main limiting factor when choosing the right cell for a pack not copasity.

If your looking at newer cells that are not been used mutch yet in ESK8. the Samsung 20s is smaller and as hard hitting as the top 2170 in a smaller package. It’s one I’m thinking of useing in a 3P small comuter build.

I highly recommend just buying a used pack from a member on here. Enjoy the board and study this thread for your future battery build.


Or one of the battry builders on this forum some realy good builders nocking around the forums. better than most professional factory’s and shops.

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What batteries do you have? Many batteries are sold with false ratings.

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I would be willing to work with ya on a battery man… pm if you are interested. :call_me_hand:t2:

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