Boosted Clone Build | Flipsky 4.20 Plus VESC | Dual Belt Motor Drive FTW!

Hey guys!

My first (and probably the only one :roll_eyes:) build thread here in the esk8 forum :+1:

I’ve posted my build in the builders forum previously but there has been some changes of the build ever since I moved here :grin:

This might not be a proper DIY build to some of the enthusiast builders in the forum but I think I did pretty well smashing parts together for now :heavy_check_mark:


-Parts list-

  • Deck - Vanguard Clone
  • Battery - Ownboard W2 10s3p Samsung 30Q
  • VESC - Flipsky 4.20 Plus Dual
  • Motors - Flipsky 6354 190kv motor x 2
  • Mounts - Boardnamics Mounts with Idler Bearings
  • Trucks - Caliber 2
  • Wheels - Boosted 90mm Clones with 65mm contact patch
  • Gearing - 15/36 with Dicky Ho’s Kegel Pulleys
  • Remote - Flipsky VX1
  • Enclosure - Ownboard W2 Battery and ESC Enclosure


To be honest I think this build is more like just putting stuffs together and not really much about DIY-ing the parts themselves, I would really hope to learn how to make my own battery pack in the future once I have the tools required.

I have been riding this board for the past 4 months I guess, clocked around 400 KMs on it and I am really happy that it is working fine :stuck_out_tongue:

So hope this build thread can be of use for those who is looking into building their own Boosted clone or Foosted board :slightly_smiling_face:

Feel free to ask me any question and I’ll be glad to share my knowledge together with you guys !


Our boards are going to be almost exact clones of eachother, minus the batteries and motors.

I’m curious as to how it will perform, do you have a Metr or HM module to capture telemetry?


I have the Flipsky BT module and I am using the VESC tool app on my phone.

For me the board performs really well, regardless on flat of hills :heavy_check_mark:

I’m 75kg and I ride mostly on flat with slight elevation, never came across any hills that the board can’t take :grin:

Top speed I had with this was around 35 kph but that was with the 12/36 gear ratio, I haven’t tested the top speed for 15/36 gearing yet…


Can you show me a graph of your voltage? Like a Metr graph?

I want to know how your battery(or other 10s3p 30q s) sags over the duration of the ride, so I can compare it to my pack for public presentation. As far as I know no one has given a side by side 30q vs 30t comparison with such similar boards.

How do I get that tho? Never known how to get a battery graph :sweat_smile:

I don’t use Metr tho…

I’m doing the same build pretty much at the moment. One thing I would suggest is to invest in an actual Loaded Vanguard. The deck is just so well made… and I’ve previously seen Vanguard clones simply snap! It’s just not worth the risk in my eyes, especially as you’re going to be standing on it going 20+ MPH. Looking good so far from the photos you’ve shared! :smiley:

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Getting a vanguard deck was on my list previously but they’re just too expensive to get from the US, the ones I’m using is from Ownboard and they have been working really well for me :+1:

But info check my board for cracks regularly just to be safe :slight_smile:

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Building nearly the same thing. Vanguard 2, 6355 190kv TB motors, 2x flipsky 4.2 and testing with an ownboard 10s2p 30q. Ill be building a 10s4p when I get the spot welder for it.

I have connected everything and tested on the bench with Batt max 25 (12.5 ea), motor max 40 each and absolute max at 100. Using the VX1 remote

looking forward to seeing it!

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Also, you may have trouble with the ownboard enclosures and the width of the deck

Nice !

Look forward for your build thread too !

I run 44A (22A each) for the battery as the 3p battery can output 45A :+1:

My ownboard enclosure fits the ownboard deck with extra space left on the side :slight_smile:

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Oh wow, I didn’t check your location originally. I’m glad the board is working out for you so far, that’s what is important.


Yea man, the deck would cost ⅓ of the whole build alone :dizzy_face:

The W2 deck was only 20% of the price of the vanguard deck so kind of a no brainer for me to get the W2 deck :+1:


Latest update of the board ! Been riding it daily for commute, so far 1 of the motor broke after around 800km of riding…

Replaced it and been riding for another 100km + and so far so good :+1:

Change the wheels from the 90mm Boosted clones to 85mm Orangatang Caguamas and man these wheels is LIT :fire:


What range did you get with that 10s3p battery?

Hey man, hasn’t been visiting the forum since I sold the board and got an Exway Flex Riot :open_mouth:

I’ve gotten at least 25 km with maybe maybe 1/4 power left as I don’t drain the power all the way :+1:

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